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Google announces custom URLs for Google+

In another move to reduce the gap between features of Google+ and Facebook, Google recently announced they are rolling out custom URLs for Google+ profiles, rather than the current ones (for example: which are quite messy and unattractive. The new URLs are long overdue, with other social media platforms having had them for years, and once available to everyone will no doubt make Google+ more attractive for digital marketing.So far the URLs are only avail..... Read more

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Updated Guide: Google My Business Help April 2016

Looking to improve your local rankings and presence on Google? With the recently updated guide on Google My Business, everyone has a chance to learn more about local signals and what Google deems important when it comes to local businesses and SEO factors. Utilising Google My Business has been a popular method for businesses trying to implement digital marketing on a local scale, but prior to this recent update, the limited information available and the lack of direct confirmation from Google so..... Read more

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The New Google+ Revamp

Google+ has launched an updated version of its social platform, where a new design has been put in place, complemented by a restructure of the features it provides. The change is shifting the focus away from some of its existing business concepts; profile tabs such as business description, reviews, videos and photos are no longer accessible to users. Google+ now centres on Communities and Collections, which are reportedly their two strongest features with a high usage base that’s continual..... Read more

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The Good, the Bad, and the Exceptional Online Reputation

Online reviews are the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth and can impact your bottom line significantly. In a recent study done by the Harvard Business school, restaurants rated in Washington on Yelp that had a 1 star increase in their review gained an average of 5 to 9 percent of their revenues. Another study, done by Boston Consulting, estimated that businesses that had a Yelp profile, increased their revenues by an additional $8,000 per year, even when they didn’t advertise on the site..... Read more

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Exceptional Benefits of Google Maps for Businesses

Although the global economy has been quite volatile over the last several years, it has produced some excellent opportunities for small to mid-sized business with owners and leaders who are lateral thinkers — able to detect developing trends and capitalise on the benefits associated with them. There is no secret in the business world that developing anonline presence can massively impact your ability to build a lucid brand image and credibility for your company. It is also no secret that Google ..... Read more

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Google+ Custom URLs

Google are finally rolling out custom URLs (e.g. ) for Google Plus pages in Australia. This has been a very long time coming considering the difficulty in the old ones that were simply impossible to remember. Unfortunately the URLs they give are fixed and can not be changed (other than capitalisation). Not all profiles are eligible to use a custom URL. The requirements are: 10 or more followers Your account is 30 days old or more A profile photo El..... Read more

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How Google Plus Improves a Sites Search Ranking

Any company looking to expand their marketing plan online is already looking into social media. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are swiftly becoming essential business tools. Evidence suggests that Google+ could be the most important of all. Close Ties to Google Google's power over Search Engine Optimisation is well known and well documented. They essentially determine how successful a website will be, by selecting the factors that influence the ranking of a site. Facebook became a powerful social..... Read more

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Google+ for Business Review

Some people still think that Google Plus is useless, but there are plenty of people who use this form of social media on a daily basis. Whether you are actually interested in what Google's social media platform has to offer or you are just interested in digital marketing for your business, it is important to know everything about this platform before you get started. There are plenty of different ways in which this social media website can improve your business's reach on the Internet, but you h..... Read more

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Google+ Interface Design Update

Have you updated your Google+ to the latest design interface? The new cover image is a whopping 2120px by 1192px when fully expanded, and will reduce in size automatically based on browser size. Example on Quantum's Google+ page. A new tab for your Local reviews. An easier way to edit your info. The 'About' tab now consists of separate cards (like Story, Places, and Links).   Everything's rolling out gradually, so keep checking if you don't see it yet.   Read more

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Google + hits second place in the social media race.

In a recent report from the Global Web Index, figures were published showing that Google + has become the world’s second most popular social media platform. The report states that Google + now has 343 million active users, still far from Facebook’s 693 million, but more than that of Twitter's 288 million. These stats aren’t surprising considering public reaction to seemingly endless Facebook updates and changes over the past few years, however surely Google + is far from reaching its full potent..... Read more

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