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Why is great web design so important?

  • Because effective design keeps people engaged.
  • The more engaged they are, the more time spent on your site.

Web design, designed for your business

All our designs are custom-built from scratch. No templates. Sure, there are off the shelf web design templates you can buy from the net. But that is such a risky move for a brand.

Plus every business has its own needs. What’s important too is, as your business grows, so do your digital marketing needs. That’s where you can rely on our partnership, And continued commitment, as a solid website design company.

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A website that grows with your business

We believe that all our clients should have visually stimulating web design and maximum traffic.
Work with a web design company that understands how your business works on the net. Choosing a company exclusively on design, and being cheap, can be limiting and costly.

We design your website so it can grow with your business, and utilise SEO. Before you decide on who builds your site, ask yourself the following:

  • Does the website suit your business needs?
  • Does the website reflect your brand?
  • Is the site contemporary and up-to-date?
  • Is the site easy to use and navigate?
  • Does the site meet WC3 web standards,
    is it internet compliant?
  • Does the site work in all the main browsers
    and designed for various devices and is Google compliant?
  • Is it search engine friendly?
  • Does it use the latest technologies, in a smart way?

With a Quantum site, you confidently say ‘yes’ to all of the above. That’s because we design websites intelligently. So your customers can find your site when they search, and find their way around your site when they’re on it. See how we can meet your business needs contact Quantum.

Responsive Web Design

Have you heard about responsive web design? Making a website responsive to various devices is a critical part of a web design strategy, with mobile devices estimated to exceed web browser usage in 2014 (we are already seeing sites doing just that), for people browsing the web. Many cheap website design companies offer a 'mobile' only solution, but this is restrictive to specific devices, and doesn't allow for future devices, or meet best practices for SEO. Google's own guidelines recommend responsive websites as the best solution.

If your business needs eCommerce capabilities, find out more here. Shopping carts are our specialty.

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Going Responsive

Mobile use in Australia is surging

Australians are big adopters of new technology. There are now more mobile phones in Australia than there are people. By the end of 2013, more than 60% of people will own a Smartphone and that number will continue to grow rapidly. Just by walking around town or watching people on the bus, you can see that mobile phones are leading to big changes in the way we spend our time and interact not only with each other, but with business.

Which is changing the way we shop

More than ever before, your customers are looking for products and services on their mobile phone. According to research from Google, more than 60% of Australians regularly use their phone for research and nearly 1 in 3 people have made a purchase on their mobile phone.

we use our Smartphone to research products and services, and even buy over mobile

61% people who regularly
use their Smartphone
for research

28% people who have
purchased over

And not having a mobile web site is a missed opportunity

Yet, very few businesses have web sites that are designed for mobile phones. This makes for a very frustrating experience for visitors who have to do lots of scrolling, pinching and zooming to get even simple things done. Research shows that 40% of people will leave a mobile website that they find difficult to use. This leads to missed interactions and ultimately lost sales.

People have turned to a competitor site after a bad mobile experience.

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Web Design

Web Design

All our designs are custom-built. Sure, there are cheap off the shelf web site templates you can buy from the net. They are unlikely to help drive you new business.

Every business has its own custom needs. We make sure your website helps meet those needs.


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