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Divine Redesign: Knowing When to Update Your Website

Complacency – you never want to fall into that trap as a website owner. Thinking your site has all it needs now and for the future is a critical mistake and one that could harm your business or online presence going forward. After all, trends change, and your visitors will expec... Continue reading

Tags:  Increasing Sales,  Mobile Friendly,  Responsive Website

Guide To Content Marketing

The Effectiveness of Content and It's Real Life Examples What is Content Marketing? It’s no secret that marketing techniques are constantly changing to adapt to consumer behaviour. Take a look at the rise of Search Engine Optimisation; an inbound marketing process where peop... Continue reading

Tags:  Business Ideas,  Digital Marketing,  Google,  Increasing Sales

The Many Reasons Your Business Needs Professional Web Design

There comes a time when every business needs to spread its brand and reach new customers far and wide. Though launching a website brings you one step closer to your goals, it's not always an easy task. However, you have a few choices. You can learn Web programming and buy development ... Continue reading

Tags:  Business Ideas,  Increasing Sales,  Mobile Friendly,  Responsive Website

Google Search Engine Optimisation: Recap and Updates March 2016

In this month’s blog article we look at some of the latest announcements which help us understand the most important ranking signals for Google’s algorithm, the upcoming boost of the mobile-friendly algorithm, and the newly updated guidelines on local search ranking factor... Continue reading

Tags:  Google

The Current State of Web Design

The days when flashing banners, neon text and glossy icons ruled the Internet have come and gone, paving the way for a more modern Web. Today, anyone who purchases a domain with the hope of setting up a website can do it almost instantly. Web hosts have prebuilt templates ready to go,... Continue reading

Tags:  CRO,  Digital Marketing

Search Results: What Happened To Stars On Google Reviews?


Google announced that there was a bug which caused review stars to drop out of search results for about a week during the middle of February 2016. Despite the fact this bug only lasted a week, there was enough impact on organic search results which were strongly felt by industry leade... Continue reading

Tags:  Google

Google No Longer Showing Ads on The Right-Side Of Search Results

On the 19th of February, a change was confirmed by Google which affects the layout of paid search ads on search results pages, through desktop devices. This change involved completely removing text ads showing on the right side bar, and having up to a total of four text ads display ab... Continue reading

Tags:  AdWords

Google's January Updates

What Has Been Measured In This New Update? We’re almost at the end of the first month in the New Year, and already there has been plenty of movement in rankings and search volatility, prompting industry experts to speculate on what the latest update was and how it affects sites... Continue reading

Tags:  Google,  SEO

Search Engine Optimisation in 2016

As ever, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with online changes and promotion techniques to ensure the website is doing its job, whether it’s to gain leads or traffic. User preferences are constantly changing, so it’s important for marketers to adapt quickly or risk m... Continue reading

Tags:  Business Ideas,  Digital Marketing,  Google,  SEO

The New Google+ Revamp

Google+ has launched an updated version of its social platform, where a new design has been put in place, complemented by a restructure of the features it provides. The change is shifting the focus away from some of its existing business concepts; profile tabs such as business descri... Continue reading

Tags:  Google,  Google Maps