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The Google Phantom Update III

A major algorithm update has taken place during November, where there has been some significant movement in rankings and visibility data for a number of websites and businesses. This update has been colloquially termed ‘The Phantom Update III’, and the effects mainly cente... Continue reading

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Google Updates

Here are 2 important updates from Google. RankBrain: Google's 3rd Most Important Ranking Signal Out of over 200 rankings signals, this is one of the most important, and only recently revealed in the past few weeks, with the update only deployed by Google in the last few months.RankB... Continue reading

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Using Infographics in Marketing: The Do's and Don'ts

Infographics are the joint use of information in the form of text and a visual representation of the text in the form of graphics. The use of infographics is commonly used in marketing techniques, as the style draws in readers and makes understanding the information presented in the t... Continue reading

Tags:  Infographics

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Responsive web design has become incredibly popular in the past few years. This approach uses fluid page elements and flexible images to create a user experience that is consistently high-quality across various screen sizes. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, a mobile... Continue reading

Tags:  Mobile Friendly,  Responsive Website

3 Killer tips for improving your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

The competition for being the most visible on a search results page is certainly fierce, which makes it all the more important to stake your claim as early as possible. Along with search engine optimisation, pay-per-click (PPC) can get you serious results on a search engine; even if y... Continue reading

Tags:  AdWords

How to Create Appealing Infographics that Will Capture the Attention of Potential Customers

What are Infographics and why should you focus on them? Infographics are a highly-engaging way of capturing the attention of people that you are trying to share information with. They are composed of a combination of high-quality graphics and facts and information that people can take... Continue reading

Tags:  Infographics

4 things to bear in mind when you build a responsive website

Responsive design is an important approach to web design that involves optimising websites so that they display well on the smaller screens of mobile devices. Specific examples include making all elements resize themselves to fit a mobile screen, picking a font that won't get blu... Continue reading

Tags:  Responsive Website

3 Email Marketing Trends to Keep a Lookout for in 2015

With the rise of social media it may seem that email is on the way out but it is in fact stronger than ever. Tim Watson, founder of Zettasphere, a digital email marketing consultancy, has this to say about the strength of email marketing: "The email channel is alive and very strong; ... Continue reading

Tags:  Email Marketing

5 Best Tips on Making a Professional Video with Your Smartphone

When camera phones first arrived on the market, you could do nothing more than snap about 20 pictures, at low resolution, and then wait until you downloaded them to your personal computer before you got to do anything digitally with them. Since then, smartphones have evolved into 8 me... Continue reading


The Value of Using a Content Management System

Maintaining the vast amount of content that accrues on a website can be a difficult task to tackle, but with the right software it is possible to get the problem under control. Website operators frequently use a type of software that’s known as a Content Management System. A CMS... Continue reading

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