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Our Top Five Tips For Great SEO Results

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the practice of designing a webpage so that it appears high up on Google searches for target keywords. That makes it especially useful for businesses, because ranking higher means they will get more traffic. SEO is an ever-changing fiel... Continue reading

Tags:  Responsive Website,  Search Engine Optimisation,  SEO

Breaking News: Google now has a parent company, Alphabet

Major news today is that Google is doing a major overhaul of the company and a rebrand of its corporate entity. The new entity is known as ‘Alphabet’. The change in structure makes sense. Google was founded on their search product, but overall as a company, they offer far... Continue reading

Tags:  Google

6 tips to create a successful Google AdWords campaign

Why use Google AdWords as part of your company's marketing strategy? Here is a compelling statistic to ponder: The Google browser rakes in an estimated 1 trillion search requests per year! Google is also the most popular search engine globally. So using Google's digital advertising pl... Continue reading

Tags:  AdWords

Our Favourite Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Bringing more traffic to your website should be one of your paramount goals. You'll get more conversions, a higher profile for the site itself, and a better ROI. You want as many eyeballs on your site and content as possible. In this post, we will share a few of our favourite ways to ... Continue reading

Tags:  Digital Marketing

5 Tips on starting an effective Facebook page

These days, more and more business owners are starting to develop professional Facebook pages. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that maintaining a professional Facebook page can help increase your online visibility and boost your conversion rates. The key to su... Continue reading

Tags:  Facebook

The easiest ways for small businesses to make the switch to responsive web design

Google’s recent mandate is to demand that websites become “mobile-friendly” in order to better serve the people using smartphones and other mobile devices via responsive website design. The new directive was embedded into their recent algorithm change with those... Continue reading

Tags:  Mobile Friendly,  Responsive Website

Why You Must Use Digital Marketing To Stay Competitive

Digital marketing is becoming the most important way for businesses to gain new customers. There are many reasons for this. First of all, the audience on the Internet is large, engaged, and willing to try out new products and services based on advertising. For another, digital marketi... Continue reading

Tags:  Search Engine Optimisation,  SEO

5 New Google Analytics Features to Boost Website Performance

Google Analytics first launched in 2005. It immediately became a game-changer in how website performance gets analysed. Since 2005, Google has continued adding new features to improve the function of Google Analytics itself. Some of these features are easy to implement and become well... Continue reading

Tags:  Google Analytics

Top 5 Web Design Trends we're seeing in 2015

2014 brought us simplification and user-friendliness. Due to the rise of smartphones, many websites also focused on mobile presentation. With almost the entire civilised world online, a poor or mediocre web presence can make an otherwise reputable company look bad. The biggest trends ... Continue reading


Introducing A Key Trend: Social Media Marketing

By tapping into the strategically important phenomena of online social networking, your company obtains numerous business advantages. The expansion of the Internet has provided many new, exciting venues for cultivating more effective business relationships. One website in particular ... Continue reading

Tags:  Digital Marketing