This could easily be seen as one of Google’s more aggressive moves to counteract Facebook’s “Like” button. It’s called “+1” and will be an integrated button featured next to Google search results and sponsored ads.

As a social signal, Google + 1 results can only be seen by friends and co-workers in your Google contact list. Once enabled, you will see personalised search results from the people within your network. These results by your friends will start to have higher ranking in personalised search results- which will also have significant impact on SEO efforts. As the leading player amongst search engines, it will be interesting to see how this latest Google development will pan out. It will also be exciting to see how Facebook will respond to Google stepping into their territory. We will be very curious to see how this approach really works. The +1 only shows in Google search results, and unless it is a repeat user coming back to a website through Google, and not directly to the website, it will mean the +1 button has been left behind before someone even has an opportunity to decide if they like the website or not. The below video goes into more detail on how it works.