With the internet having exploded in its popularity over the past four or five years, companies have seen new avenues to help promote their products and business. While having newspaper adverts, billboards, and TV commercials were the only way to advertise in the past, social networking is now an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. There is real sense of urgency among companies to set up Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages. Using these social networks in a clever manner is the best way to create more attention for products, interact with consumers, and ensure that the company is relevant on the internet.

Here is a step by step guide to opening a Google Plus Company Page:

Step 1: Choose Your Category

There are five categories that you must choose from when you are opening your Google +page. These five categories are: Local Business, Product or Brand, Company/Institution/Organization, Arts/Sports/Entertainment, or Other. This is an important step in the process, with Google unable to allow changes in a company page's category once set up has been completed. The category you place your business in will determine the numbers and types of followers you gain.

Step 2: Customize Page Profile

Adding a photo to display on your Google + front page is the next decision you must make. This photo can be changed as often as you want, but it is a good idea to choose a picture that attracts interest. In addition, add a ten word tagline that best describes your company to anyone who sees your page on Google +. Begin editing your page by adding an introduction paragraph. This should describe your company in greater detail, include a link to the company website, and any other special information you may want to give out. Intro pages can also be used to add in promotions, discounts, or other offers that you may want to display on the front page. The task remaining to complete your Google + profile is to add the photo strip at the bottom of the page. This photo strip should contain four photographs that best represent your company. These photos can be classic ones, or pictures identifying any new products or sales that you want people to be aware of.

Step 3: Following and Interacting with "Fans"

While Facebook company pages do not permit the following of users or fans, this is possible with a Google Plus profile. There are four "circles" that you can create on your Google + page: Team Members, VIPs, Customers, Following. quantum-google-plus-circlesTeam Members are the customers or business partners with whom you want to share the latest and most relevant news concerning your company and its products. VIPs are customers or business partners with whom you have the most special of relationships. The smallest and most private group is likely to be the VIP group, with less than 10 or 15 pages/fans making it on your list. Customers are any individuals or companies with whom you want to interact on an occasional basis. Following customers or potential customers is a great way to get feedback on products and to see where you can improve your company. In addition, you can share any offers, promotions, or sales exclusively with customers who you follow on Google +. The following tab is the one you will use the sporadically. This can be used to follow any page you might find interesting, without having the need to interact with them in any way. It is also possible to create custom circles, giving you the chance to further divide the people you are following.

Step Four: Create a Connection Between Google + And Your Website

Having a Google + page is great, but it is important for you to link this page to your website. Not only will having links to your website allow people to read more about your company, but it will help you with Google SEO as well. Google also has another way of adding people to your circles of choice. If you enable Google+ Direct Connect, people who search for your website on Google more than a few times will automatically be added to a particular circle.

Importance of Google + In Relation to SEO:

Google+One of the most obvious reasons for Google+ being important to search engine optimization is that it is a social media network created by Google. This network was not created simply so people could interact with each other as they do on Facebook. Google+ allows for greater accuracy in search engine results, better organization of web pages in a result, and for sharing of pages, websites, and search results that people find interesting. The social signals that Google gets from your Google+ page will directly affect your website's place in search engine results. For example, a website that has a ton of followers on Google+ is likely to be ranked higher than a site which does not have a Google+ page. Page ranking and website visibility increase when you use a Google+ page. This happens because all links in Google+ are combined with a "do follow" option. They are treated as web pages, which means that each click or follow will get you a higher page rank on Google's search engine. Increasing the popularity and legitimacy of your brand is possible through Google+. When your page is authenticated on Google+, this gives consumers and business partners a greater appreciation for your business. Your website can be searched for and opened through the entire Google network, which is a huge advantage. In addition, you are able to create an edgy, 21st century advertisement page for your company on Google+. Quantum can put together a digital strategy that can help you increase your company's social media profile. While you may be able to create a Google+ page on your own, we can provide the most  professional, eye catching, and effective pages utilising our graphic design team. Contact Quantum today if you are interested in opening a Google+ page and entering the world of business marketing through the social networks. And feel free to Follow us on Google+