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Looking For A Job? Google It With Google For Jobs!

It's no secret that a lot of people use search engines to look for jobs. So it’s no surprise that the world's largest search engine, Google, has recently released a new platform to make job hunts easier! The tech giant recently launched its very own job search portal that’... Continue reading

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Technology Alert: Mind Reading Tech

Brace yourselves – mind reading technology is officially on its way! Facebook’s experimental technologies division a.k.a. Building 8 have announced that they’re working on ‘optical neuro-imaging systems’. In other words Facebook is attempting to develop a... Continue reading

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Advancements in Technology to Impact Local Search

Recent advancements and developments in technology may change the way we perform local searches in the near future. The manner in which individuals perform and discover local searches will soon be fundamentally changed through technologies such as digital assistants, big data, augment... Continue reading

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What YouTube’s Global advertiser boycott means for Google

Within the past decade, YouTube has become a video hosting giant used for entertainment, advertisements, music, businesses ventures and more. But has its growth finally come to a halt? In the past week major consumer brands have pulled their ads from YouTube after they started appeari... Continue reading

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Google News – Importance of CMS and SEO in 2017!

Recent updates within Google may mean that using secure CMS and proper SEO strategies are now more important than ever. Earlier this month, Google announced a 32% increase in hacked sites in 2016 that has been attributed to two main reasons. Hackers are now getting more aggressive th... Continue reading

Tags:  CMS

Google Ads – More Effective Than Ever?

Have you ever searched for a query on Google and scrolled straight past the ads just to click on the first or second organic result? This is a common scenario, often termed as ‘ad blindness’ wherein search users move past the top ad section of Google without even reading t... READ MORE

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