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Email Marketing

The Unexpected Reign of Email Marketing

What draws consumers to a website? How do you entice them to visit your business above all others, and how can you secure their loyalty once they arrive? When it comes to digital marketing, there are a variety of methods employed by business owners to increase and improve customer ret... READ MORE


How Gmail's new inbox impacts your newsletters

A couple of weeks ago, I opened my Gmail to find that the look of my inbox had changed. The inbox had been replaced with a series of tabs - Primary, Social and Promotions - and Google had automatically sorted all my emails into one of those three categories. For people who use Gmail, ... READ MORE


Google Chromebook ready for release.

Google have announced that their very own laptop, the Chromebook, is ready to be rolled out and will be available within the next week. For those who can’t wait or won’t have a chance to head to one of the outlets stocking the laptop, it can also be pre-ordered through Ama... READ MORE