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5 Tips on starting an effective Facebook page

These days, more and more business owners are starting to develop professional Facebook pages. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that maintaining a professional Facebook page can help increase your online visibility and boost your conversion rates. The key to su... Continue reading

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Introducing A Key Trend: Social Media Marketing

By tapping into the strategically important phenomena of online social networking, your company obtains numerous business advantages. The expansion of the Internet has provided many new, exciting venues for cultivating more effective business relationships. One website in particular ... Continue reading

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Building your Business with Facebook Page Insights

In many ways, Facebook has become the most important advertising platform in the world. As the world’s most successful social networking platform, Facebook can provide businesseswith a direct line to over a billion people. Moreover, as search engines continue to try and provide ... READ MORE

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Is Facebook Right For Your Business?

Though it originally started as a website to connect college students to one another, Facebook has turned into a full-blown phenomenon that is used around the entire world. And while individuals still use the services to keep in touch with friends or old flames, businesses can also gr... READ MORE

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How to Setup and Promote a Facebook Business Page

Many businesses still think that they can get by without a Facebook page for the company, but it's only hurting your marketing strategy to do so. Facebook business pages allow you to build awareness of your brand, products and services, and now there are also a variety of digital mark... READ MORE

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Preparing for Facebook Graph Search

How to prepare your business for Facebook Graph Search Facebook is about to roll out a brand new feature - Facebook Graph Search. According to their CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it will form the third pillar of Facebook, the other two being the News Feed and the Timeline. When Timeline was r... READ MORE

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Why Most Social Media Campaigns Fail

Social media strategy is one of the major frontiers in modern marketing. It represents one of the most distilled versions of the costumer experience possible. So, why do so many companies fail so miserably trying to implement social media for business? Let's take a look at why most so... READ MORE

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Will ‘Promoted Posts’ be the downfall of Facebook advertising?

In a recent article we posted, Facebook announced that over 500,000 Pages have used Promoter Posts since its launch last year, with 70% doing so repeatedly. Facebook paid ads vs. promote post Facebook have also stated that ads posted through the News Feed are up to eight times more ... READ MORE

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Facebook and Invalid Ad Clicks

Have you been concerned your Facebook advertising dollars aren't being properly utilised? The Business Insider have written an interesting article on Facebook and Invalid Ad Clicks. According to this article "Up to 20 percent of Facebook’s pay-per-click advertising revenue" is u... READ MORE

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Latest changes to Facebook message inbox

Facebook has surprised users with more changes, and once again there has been a mixed reaction, with some praising the changes while others are unimpressed. While there are definitely features in the new format that are useful, for example you can see when someone has seen a message ... READ MORE

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