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5 Best Tips on Making a Professional Video with Your Smartphone

When camera phones first arrived on the market, you could do nothing more than snap about 20 pictures, at low resolution, and then wait until you downloaded them to your personal computer before you got to do anything digitally with them. Since then, smartphones have evolved into 8 me... Continue reading


The Value of Using a Content Management System

Maintaining the vast amount of content that accrues on a website can be a difficult task to tackle, but with the right software it is possible to get the problem under control. Website operators frequently use a type of software that’s known as a Content Management System. A CMS... Continue reading

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Aussies shop online more

New research by Swineburne University of Technology has found that 78% of Australians are regular web shoppers, spending on average $206 a month. They are also avid virtual window-shoppers who research on the internet and then go out to buy from a bricks-and-mortar store. Online shop... READ MORE

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Protect yourself online

National Cyber Security Awareness Week '11 June 2010 "Stay Smart Online" is The Australian Government"s website which aims to help raise awareness and help people better protect themselves and stay safe online. This site provides a lot of useful resources which combine cyber security... READ MORE


Website Hacking – keeping secure.

With hacking being an ongoing serious issue on the web, it is really important that you are taking your website and e-mail security seriously. Many people use passwords that are very simply to remember, such as a person’s name or pets name, and these are very easy for hackers to... READ MORE


Setting up your domain name correctly

We still come across many sites that simply don't work unless you type in www. Before the domain name. This potentially means you are losing website visitors who type your domain name in without the www. and as a result, see an error page advising the web page does not exist. This is ... READ MORE


Online Fraud - Protecing yourself

Online fraud is something many people worry about when purchasing products or services over the internet, and so they should. While many shopping sites have measures to protect you as much as possible, there are also a few things you can do to help protect yourself: When purchasing... READ MORE


Correcting Common Usability Mistakes

Each day at StepForth Placement we view dozens of websites that request a SEO Review and a vast majority of these sites have fundamental usability problems. Often times neglecting this important element of a website can lead online visitors to become lost, frustrated and/or confused. ... READ MORE


Understanding HTML Color Codes

When I help people with web pages, I encourage them to edit the HTML directly and not rely on programs like Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe GoLive to layout their pages. One of the things that most people have a hard time grasping is what HTML Color Codes mean and how they work.HTML Colo... READ MORE


Time Tracking

As a web designer and SEO Consultant the ongoing work I do for clients is something I usually charge for on an hourly basis. Therefore it is extremely important that can I accurately track the work I am doing, to ensure I correctly charge my customers. I have found a wonderful little ... READ MORE