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Google Possum Update: Has Your Listing Disappeared from Local Map Results?

Google Possum Local Search Update

The New Google Possum Algorithm May Cause Listings to ‘Play Dead’ During September 2016, there was a significant update made to the local algorithm which caused many business owners and webmasters to think their local listing had disappeared from Google’s local pack... Continue reading

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Penguin is Now Part of Google’s Core Search Algorithm

Penguin 4.0 - Penguin now part of Google's core algorithm

Google has officially announced that the Penguin 4.0 update is now live and part of the core algorithm. This update has been forthcoming, with the launch date initially set for November 2015, before being postponed in January and April this year. The last major Penguin update occurred... Continue reading

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Google Updates in August 2016

Google Updates in August 2016

Google’s ever-evolving algorithm has made some updates which may affect the search visibility of your website. In August, Google has announced the removal of the ‘mobile –friendly’ label on search results. Note; this doesn’t mean that Google isn’t l... Continue reading

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Google Updates in July 2016

Links are incredibly important to Google’s algorithm Have you heard the myth that links are a declining signal to the ranking algorithm? A new study has dispelled this notion, demonstrating the power of link building and showing that links are even more important than what was ... Continue reading

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Latest from Google – Talking Points from the SMX Keynote

Google analyst Gary Illyes was a speaker at the SMX Advanced keynote held in the United States last month in June. There were many topics covered throughout Illyes’ presentation, highlighting the changes coming to Google and its algorithms, and how it will all affect search user... Continue reading

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Guide To Content Marketing

The Effectiveness of Content and It's Real Life Examples What is Content Marketing? It’s no secret that marketing techniques are constantly changing to adapt to consumer behaviour. Take a look at the rise of Search Engine Optimisation; an inbound marketing process where peop... Continue reading

Tags:  Business Ideas,  Digital Marketing,  Google,  Increasing Sales

Google's January Updates

What Has Been Measured In This New Update? We’re almost at the end of the first month in the New Year, and already there has been plenty of movement in rankings and search volatility, prompting industry experts to speculate on what the latest update was and how it affects sites... Continue reading

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Breaking News: Google now has a parent company, Alphabet

Major news today is that Google is doing a major overhaul of the company and a rebrand of its corporate entity. The new entity is known as ‘Alphabet’. The change in structure makes sense. Google was founded on their search product, but overall as a company, they offer far... Continue reading

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Google expands its use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal

Google is expanding its use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal beginning on April 21. In advance of that change, Google both helps mobile users find mobile-friendly web pages via the "mobile-friendly" tag in search results, and also warns webmasters if their webs... READ MORE

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6 Interesting Features of Google Maps

Google has been upgrading tons of high-resolution Streetview imagery with its fleet of Google Streetview cars, trikes, trolley, snowmobiles, and earth satellites to supports some exciting new Maps features. Here are some of the most interesting of the new and not-so-new features of G... Read more

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