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Getting the most out of LinkedIn

With a user base of over 100 million people, LinkedIn is now the world’s largest online professional networking site. No longer is LinkedIn limited to the use of being like an online resume, it’s a valuable resource to market yourself and your business. It’s one of t... READ MORE


Who is a social media expert?

Unfortunately a lot of people who know very little about Social Media and the mechanics behind it are jumping on the Social Media bandwagon and trying to make a buck of it. As a result, many businesses are paying fees and not seeing a return on investment, and even worse, some are see... READ MORE

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Older Adults Increase Social Media Usage

A study of Older Adults and Social Media by Pew Research Center discovered the use of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) by adults is steadily on the increase. Highlights of the social media usage stats from 2009 to 2010: Seniors (65 and older) doubled from 13% ... READ MORE

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Converting Online Conversation

Social networking is not only to build your online brand presence but if harnessed in the right way, a company can utilise it to gain valuable consumer insight to further improve their business. There's a lot of talk about social networking as a way to interact and converse with our c... READ MORE

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Tips for increasing sales in a slow economic environment

In the current economic environment, consumer confidence low and many businesses are feeling the pinch of poor sales. Retailers like Myers and David Jones are competing aggressively to stimulate sales in a down market, so what are you doing to improve your sales? What strategies are y... READ MORE

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LinkedIn "Follow Company" feature

LinkedIn recently announced their new “Follow Company” feature. The new feature is a very similar to Twitter, but specifically focussed on following companies of interest to you. This could be of great interest to you if you are trying to keep up-to-da... READ MORE