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Google Ads – More Effective Than Ever?

Have you ever searched for a query on Google and scrolled straight past the ads just to click on the first or second organic result? This is a common scenario, often termed as ‘ad blindness’ wherein search users move past the top ad section of Google without even reading t... READ MORE

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Google Updates in May: Important Changes for Sites

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving environment, with Google dictating the pace through the various changes it implements on the ranking algorithm. To stay competitive in this field, it is essential that you are knowledgeable on how these changes affect your digital strategy –... Continue reading

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Google No Longer Showing Ads on The Right-Side Of Search Results

On the 19th of February, a change was confirmed by Google which affects the layout of paid search ads on search results pages, through desktop devices. This change involved completely removing text ads showing on the right side bar, and having up to a total of four text ads display ab... Continue reading

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6 tips to create a successful Google AdWords campaign

Why use Google AdWords as part of your company's marketing strategy? Here is a compelling statistic to ponder: The Google browser rakes in an estimated 1 trillion search requests per year! Google is also the most popular search engine globally. So using Google's digital advertising pl... Continue reading

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The importance of conversion tracking

One of the keys to optimising an SEO, SEM, E-newsletter, or social media campaign, as well as measuring its success, is through conversion tracking. Whether the conversion is a sale, a new enquiry, or someone joining your mailing list etc. setting up goals and monitoring where the con... READ MORE

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The importance of choosing a Digital Marketing Agency that does BOTH SEM and SEO.

When looking for a Sydney SEO specialist, one often gets presented with the option of choosing between an SEO agency who focus purely on SEO, or an overall digital marketing agency who carry out both SEO and SEM, often listing social media marketing, and EDMs as services also. It&rsqu... READ MORE

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Twitter Timeline search feature from Google

Google recently announced their new Twitter timeline search feature. It is quite an exciting feature, as it helps to track hot topics being searched for, what was being discussed relating to those topics at specific times and so, provide better insight into user behaviour and interest... READ MORE

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Selecting the right Web Marketing Company

Over the past two  years, the business landscape in Australian has changed significantly in its awareness of search engines, and the benefits and importance of an effective website. Two or three years ago, Pay-Per-Click services such as Google AdWords were more widely known and... READ MORE

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Organic SEO vs Pay-Per-Click

Are you finding it difficult to decide whether Organic SEO or Pay-Per-Click are better options for your business? Well there are a few things to look at when making this decision. Age of the site: if your site is brand new, and you have any decent level of competition, it will be v... READ MORE

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The State of Search Engine Advertising: Reality and Alternatives

The herd mentality never fails to amaze me. When the pay-per-click concept was first pioneered in 1997-98 by GoTo.com (now Yahoo! Search Marketing), it was years before the model was widely accepted. GoTo virtually created the market for pay-for-performance search single-handedly and ... READ MORE

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