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Search Engine Optimisation updates.

Penguin is Now Part of Google’s Core Search Algorithm

Penguin 4.0 - Penguin now part of Google's core algorithm

Google has officially announced that the Penguin 4.0 update is now live and part of the core algorithm. This update has been forthcoming, with the launch date initially set for November 2015, before being postponed in January and April this year. The last major Penguin update occurred... Continue reading

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Google Updates in July 2016

Links are incredibly important to Google’s algorithm Have you heard the myth that links are a declining signal to the ranking algorithm? A new study has dispelled this notion, demonstrating the power of link building and showing that links are even more important than what was ... Continue reading

Tags:  AdWords,  Digital Marketing,  Google,  SEO

6 Simple Local SEO Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses

Local SEO

Synopsis: Link building isn’t easy, but anyone can do it. It is not rocket science and once you get it right, you will start seeing positive results. Warning! Local SEO link building isn’t easy.  Make no mistakes about it. Link building is extremely tedious and requi... Continue reading

Tags:  Google Aquisitions,  Increasing Sales,  Link Building,  SEO

An SEO Driven Approach to Content Marketing

Synopsis: This article discusses what steps you can take to make your current content marketing campaign more SEO-driven. Why You Should Combine SEO and Content Marketing Nowadays, it seems like all you hear about in the SEO industry is content marketing. Content is King! Provide va... Continue reading

Tags:  Content Marketing,  Digital Marketing,  SEO

7 Ways to Improve your SEO Campaign in 2016

It’s only the second quarter of 2016 and there’s still a lot of time to make up for the SEO mistakes that may have set you back during the first quarter. This article teaches you how to. So many changes in the SEO industry were brought about last year that it’s not ... Continue reading

Tags:  Content Marketing,  Digital Marketing,  Google,  Mobile Friendly,  SEO

Guide To Content Marketing

The Effectiveness of Content and It's Real Life Examples What is Content Marketing? It’s no secret that marketing techniques are constantly changing to adapt to consumer behaviour. Take a look at the rise of Search Engine Optimisation; an inbound marketing process where peop... Continue reading

Tags:  Business Ideas,  Digital Marketing,  Google,  Increasing Sales

Search Engine Optimisation in 2016

As ever, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with online changes and promotion techniques to ensure the website is doing its job, whether it’s to gain leads or traffic. User preferences are constantly changing, so it’s important for marketers to adapt quickly or risk m... Continue reading

Tags:  Business Ideas,  Digital Marketing,  Google,  SEO

Digital Marketing Specialist - SEO

Due to growth, we are looking hire a full-time mid-level SEO/SEM specialist, with the main focus of the role being on SEO. As an SEO specialist you will play an integral role in leading the search projects and strategy for our clients whilst ensuring both KPIs and SEO deliverables ar... READ MORE

Tags:  Search Engine Optimisation,  SEO

How to Think Like a Buyer when Using Keyword Research

Google’s semantic keyword searching algorithm may delight Google users, but it has some SEO strategists in a panic. The fact that a keyword search is now re-interpreted by the Google search engine to provide more meaningful results makes it much tougher for marketers to rely on ... READ MORE

Tags:  SEO

How Links Affect Your Website's Google Ranking

Australian business owners and marketing managers who want to ensure that their companies experience continual growth and expansion should note that the effective use of links can help them accomplish this objective. By learning more about how links affect your website's Google rankin... READ MORE

Tags:  Link Building,  SEO

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