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Social Media

The New Google+ Revamp

Google+ has launched an updated version of its social platform, where a new design has been put in place, complemented by a restructure of the features it provides. The change is shifting the focus away from some of its existing business concepts; profile tabs such as business descri... Continue reading

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Social Media as a Powerful Source of Qualified Leads

Building the Sales Funnel Few things are as important to any growing business as the continual creation of qualified leads. Ensuring an ongoing stream of these prospects entering the top of your sales funnel means that you have the laws of percentages working in your favour. Of cours... READ MORE


Responding to Feedback on Social Media

The New World of Customer Interaction For decades businesses sought valiantly to increase communications with their customers. Many techniques and technologies were developed and implemented to solicit and evaluate the responses of prospects and customers. However, the process was la... READ MORE


How to Setup and Promote a Facebook Business Page

Many businesses still think that they can get by without a Facebook page for the company, but it's only hurting your marketing strategy to do so. Facebook business pages allow you to build awareness of your brand, products and services, and now there are also a variety of digital mark... READ MORE

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How to Set Up a Google Plus Page

With the internet having exploded in its popularity over the past four or five years, companies have seen new avenues to help promote their products and business. While having newspaper adverts, billboards, and TV commercials were the only way to advertise in the past, social networki... READ MORE

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How to measure the ROI of your digital marketing

One of the most important things that people should do if they are investing their money and time in digital marketing is to measure their return on investment or ROI. This is because the days of tracking performance by site visits, unique visitors and page hits is a distant memory. A... READ MORE


Google+ for Business Review

Some people still think that Google Plus is useless, but there are plenty of people who use this form of social media on a daily basis. Whether you are actually interested in what Google's social media platform has to offer or you are just interested in digital marketing for your busi... READ MORE


Why Most Social Media Campaigns Fail

Social media strategy is one of the major frontiers in modern marketing. It represents one of the most distilled versions of the costumer experience possible. So, why do so many companies fail so miserably trying to implement social media for business? Let's take a look at why most so... READ MORE

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Google + hits second place in the social media race.

In a recent report from the Global Web Index, figures were published showing that Google + has become the world’s second most popular social media platform. The report states that Google + now has 343 million active users, still far from Facebook’s 693 million, but more th... READ MORE


Can Social Media Predict Election Outcomes?

Could Social Media really predict the outcomes of an election? The Huffington Post wrote an article referencing a map from the Oxford Internet Institute, that indicates that Obama has been mentioned on Twitter more frequently than Mitt Romney, and that this tells us Obama will win th... READ MORE

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