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Content Marketing

Guide To Content Marketing

The Effectiveness of Content and It's Real Life Examples What is Content Marketing? It’s no secret that marketing techniques are constantly changing to adapt to consumer behaviour. Take a look at the rise of Search Engine Optimisation; an inbound marketing process where peop... Continue reading

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What Makes a Great Headline?

Chances are, you spend lots of time creating riveting and engaging content to promote your business, right? Well, how much time are you spending on creating an attention –grabbing headline? Chances are, you’re spending very little time and effort on this key piece of your ... Continue reading


Create a Slam-Dunk Content Strategy to Make Your Buyers Take Action

Does your website give you the type of return on your investment that you expect from a business project? If your content is being slapped onto the site without concern for structure and function, then the answer is most likely ‘no.’ Likewise, it’s important that you... READ MORE

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Three great examples of content marketing and what we can learn from them

Content marketing is the process of marketing a business, product, service or message with something that is much more than a slogan or motto. Content marketing uses video and print to tell a story that becomes part of the message of the business. Therefore, the message becomes someth... READ MORE


How to Apply a Semantic Keyword Strategy in the Real World

Sometimes a concept can be hard to imagine until you see it exemplified in the real world. While marketing is not a complex subject, trying to sniff out the rules associated with Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) through trial and error can result in hours of content m... READ MORE

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The Basics of an Effective Press Release

A Changing Art The role and use of the press release has continued to evolve with the increased importance of digital marketing. Both the content and the targets of the press release have increased its importance to many companies in helping them get their messages out. Ironically, t... READ MORE

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Writing a Press Release that Gets Attention

Stop the Presses Just a few years ago, companies dreamed of having news so important that the printing presses would be stopped to add their announcement. While that seldom happened, companies invested a lot of money in press agents and the creation and distribution of press releases... READ MORE

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How business is using content marketing

In the world of digital marketing, content marketing is the new black. It’s being spoken about everywhere. There are conferences on content marketing, gurus of content marketing and companies that specialise in content marketing. In this article, we look at some of the specific ... READ MORE


Why content needs to be written for people not just search engines.

A message we seem to be endlessly pushing, is the importance of having fresh content on your website, particularly for SEO. Search engines absolutely love new content. It shows that your website is constantly evolving, and has something new to offer visitors. Something we’d like... READ MORE

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How many search algorithm changes do Google make?

Google’s algorithm changes once a day Did you realise that Google updates its search engine algorithm at least once a day? Aside from the well publicised updates such as Google Caffeine, there are many small updates Google makes that effect the search engine results you’l... READ MORE