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Malware - the Damage to your business

A recent attack by hackers using Malware cost retailer Target, more than $200 million, and it is thought to be further spreading than that. ‘Backoff Malware’ used checkout computers and point of sale systems to gain access, and use information such as credit card details. ... Continue reading

Tags:  online privacy

Beware of Website Hacking

It was very disappointing to hear news like yesterday’s where 4,800 Australian websites have been completely lost as a result of being hacked. Read more on this article ‘4800 Aussie sites evaporate hack’. As the growth in technology becomes more complex, so do the ab... READ MORE


IE6 Declines

We are finally seeing a long awaited decline in IE6 (Internet Explorer 6), although still not as much as we'd like to see. Even Facebook have pulled the plug on supporting IE6 for their service. There are still a considerable number of people using IE6, which is unfortunate, as they ... READ MORE


Website Hacking – keeping secure.

With hacking being an ongoing serious issue on the web, it is really important that you are taking your website and e-mail security seriously. Many people use passwords that are very simply to remember, such as a person’s name or pets name, and these are very easy for hackers to... READ MORE


Google Penalties

Has Google penalised or banned your site in the past or currently? These days, many businesses have a strong reliance on Google, and as such, a drop in rankings for whatever reason can be a cause of great stress. At times a drop in rankings may be caused simply by Google changing thei... READ MORE

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Internet Security

Did you know that when you copy and paste anything on your computer and an active internet connection, that this information can be visible to others on the internet? Many people use the copy function (Ctrl+ c or right clicking on your mouse) on their computer for various different ta... READ MORE