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Content Marketing

Why Your Dental Website Needs to Be Written by Experts

content for dental site

Do you trust what you read on the internet? If you're looking for advice about oral health or general health online, you want to be sure that the recommendations you're getting come from a reliable source. Your dental practice's own website needs to give this same assurance to its rea... Continue reading

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An SEO Driven Approach to Content Marketing

Synopsis: This article discusses what steps you can take to make your current content marketing campaign more SEO-driven. Why You Should Combine SEO and Content Marketing Nowadays, it seems like all you hear about in the SEO industry is content marketing. Content is King! Provide va... Continue reading

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7 Ways to Improve your SEO Campaign in 2016

It’s only the second quarter of 2016 and there’s still a lot of time to make up for the SEO mistakes that may have set you back during the first quarter. This article teaches you how to. So many changes in the SEO industry were brought about last year that it’s not ... Continue reading

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The Basics of an Effective Press Release

A Changing Art The role and use of the press release has continued to evolve with the increased importance of digital marketing. Both the content and the targets of the press release have increased its importance to many companies in helping them get their messages out. Ironically, t... READ MORE

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Writing a Press Release that Gets Attention

Stop the Presses Just a few years ago, companies dreamed of having news so important that the printing presses would be stopped to add their announcement. While that seldom happened, companies invested a lot of money in press agents and the creation and distribution of press releases... READ MORE

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The Most Common Reason for Dropped Rankings: Duplication

Repeatedly my sales and consulting staff find themselves explaining that using duplicate content can and will negatively affect search engine rankings and it is heartbreaking to see clients having to rebuild rankings due to such a simple mistake. As a result, I felt it was time to wri... READ MORE

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