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Indental engaged Quantum to design a new website with a fresh modern design.

The website needed to have modern design elements, with elements of movement to make it feel 'more alive', and have it stand out from their dental competitors.


A vibrant looking website with fast loading times, that is easy to navigate and encompasses the feel that indental were trying to achieve.


Quantum broke the project down into Design, Functionality, Usability and analysed what modern website elements could be used to make the site feel 'more alive', without compromising the loading speed of the website due to too many heaving loading animations. Utilising modern web technologies such as jQuery and CSS3 to give subtle animations throughout the site that didn't compromise page load times.

With Quantum's in-depth knowledge of the dental industry, we understand that consumers have a preference for picking up the phone to contact a dental practice, so it was important to always have the phone number clearly visible at any stage during the patients website journey, without taking up valuable real estate from other areas of the website.

Indental Menu

Using JavaScript we made their header and navigation follow the user as they moved down the page. These elements always remained positioned at the top of the screen while decreasing in size as the user scrolls down the page to take up less valuable real estate.

Indental CSS3

Using CSS3 Quantum made the graphics on the website 'pop' as a users mouse hovers over them, providing a feeling of the site being 'more alive'.


Indental News

The 'Blog' is a light on News/Blog Module providing a very simple to use mini-blog technology to allow easy additions of news and articles to the site.


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