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With a background in skin care, the client expanded out into online retailing. The number of visitors to the site was growing; however the client was concerned by the low ecommerce conversion rate. Too many users were leaving the site before making a transaction.


Quantum reviewed the website in terms of branding, and usability with the goal of increasing the ecommerce conversion rate. There would be no change to the level of digital marketing at all.

It was determined the website could be enhanced to present a more “safe and reliable” brand. Quantum focused on creating an experience that would replicate the emotion a customer feels when they shop in a large physical store.

The change in design was the major focus. Quantum then optimised the website’s usability, to develop a user experience focused on connecting users directly to the brand. The shopping experience was designed to encourage more purchases.


By creating a user-centric website Quantum helped the customer connect directly with the brand.

  •     103% increase in ecommerce conversion rate.
  •     159% increase in transactions.
  •     255% increase in units sold.
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