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The Problem

The TV ad drove new customers to the website however the conversion rate was not satisfactory - too many potential customers were dropping off the website before becoming paid members. At the time TeleCafe’s online marketing only involved pay-per-click.


TeleCafe’s online communication was not aligned with their above-the-line advertising. They were attracting new customers but driving them to the old website image. Also, as is so often the case, the old website was not optimised (SEO) to perform well with search engines.


Quantum re-branded the website by aligning it with the new television ad.

The website now had a fresh, vibrant, and contemporary feel that appealed to the target audience. Quantum applied the latest in organic SEO optimisation techniques to the website.

Quantum enhanced the website with the addition of a content management system. The CMS provided a quick and easy mechanism to keep the content fresh and relevant.


In October 2010, TeleCafe saw a significant increase in membership signups and premium phone line calls as well as an increase in the duration of the calls. The SEO was significantly improving the visibility of the new website. As a result of the new website, organic and SEO package, TeleCafe increased their overall conversion by 20%. Their Google ranking significantly improved as a result of the new website search engine optimisation.


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