SEO Services – What you’re paying for, and what you should expect

SEO Services – What you’re paying for, and what you should expect

In a recent analysis of SEO competitors we noticed quite a few other SEO companies offering services that will get you to the top of Google for your business name, only the low price is $760. What an amazing deal (please note my sarcasm)! While other SEO companies display examples of their own business name saying “get your business here”. Apparently these examples are supposed to entice you into a monthly SEO deal with them and parting with your valued marketing budget.

Generally speaking, unless your company name is really generic and commonly used, you’ll naturally get the top of Google for your business name without needing any SEO work, and without needing to part with any of your companies hard earned cash.

Beware of any SEO companies offering such examples. If an SEO company needs to provide examples of their successes for such easy keyword results at the top of Google, they'll unlikely have any real SEO specialists, and as such will be unlikely to give you a good return on investment. SEO should be really focused around keywords that drive new business to your website and not keywords that include your business name that people can already Google you by.

So when talking to your SEO company make sure you're asking them how they came to the keyword list they are suggesting for you. What is the thought process behind them, and why they feel the selected keywords will improve their business. There are many keywords that are very easy to hit the top of Google with, but give no ROI. While the keyword research process is not perfect and it's not possible to get a 100% perfect keyword list, the initial keyword lists should at least give you a really good start in driving qualified traffic through a well performing SEO campaign.

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