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Floral Matrix

This is just a note to expressmy appreciation of Quantum Web Solutions who have designed my website. Andrew Seidel of Quantum Web Solutions truly understands the meaning of great customer service and has been a realpleasure to deal with. Hiswork ethic was impeccable, he was available whenever needed; always with a smile inhis voice and nothing was ever too difficult or a problem.

Quantum Web Solutions exceeded my expectations both in design and turn around time of delivery for this project. I had initially started to build the website myself, but was struggling to get a design concept that would suit my style of business while remaining professional. What I was most impressed with was Andrew's ability to understand what I wanted, and to create something I was happy with first time around; in such a short period of time.

The great customer service I have received from Andrew didn't stop once the accounthas been settled. Since my website was launched he has provided quite a bit of advice as well as ideas to help grow my business online. It has been such a comfort to me to know that I have my website in such capable hands, and with someone who I implicitly trust in all aspects of the web design and internet marketing relating to my business. Andrew also encourages me to send in additional data or amend articles for my website in order to keep it current and looking fresh.

Feedback given to me by both industry partners and customers has been so positive about the website; I have had a large number of people asking who built my website and I recommend him every time.

I couldn't have been more pleased with the service as well as the competitive price provided to us by Quantum Web Solutions.

I would be happy to provide more information if required.

Ph: 0419637403

Richard Go


1 out of 5.

12 of 21 Reviews.

Debt Fix

Hi Andrew,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the new look website. I know you and all the Quantum team pulled out all stops and the result is an good looking, effective and SEO friendly result. Rita was spot on in getting the design right for us and we love the improvements she made to the colours on our site.

After you produced the first draft I know that the result would awesome and I am immensely thankful.


Nicholas Bregozzo

1 out of 5.

13 of 21 Reviews.


The Facebook Integration Quantum Web Solutions put on my website has generated fast results. We are hosting a Halloween event and several Facebook users have commented on the page, and one user wrote “I want my birthday at this event” I shortly after contacted her via a Facebook email and she has now purchased 15 tickets ($750 value), with more to come. A great ROI so quickly.

Everyone uses Facebook so this is a Logical add on. Thank you for your help guys!

James Patrick

1 out of 5.

14 of 21 Reviews.

Medals Gone Missing

The idea behind my website had been conceived a number years before finding Quantum Web Solutions. The problem that I faced was based on worry. First of all, I was not computer literate. Being an absolute beginner on computers, I had no idea on how things within the Website Industry worked. Subsequently – I was extremely worried that a web designer could take advantage of my ignorance and overcharge me......basically, I was worried about being “ripped off”. I contacted another large Web Site company in Sydney and was verbally quoted a price of $10,000 for the site to be constructed. Being warned about this cost “blowing out” and then large ongoing costs; I completely shelved my idea. However – my desire to get my concept out into the real world never left me.

Ten months later, a friend suggested that I contact Quantum Web Solutions for a quote. Their initial price was less than half of the other $10,000 quote and Andrew assured me that there was absolutely NO reason why I should have been over quoted like that. With a sense of apprehension, I gave Quantum Web Solutions the ‘go ahead’ and nervously awaited the outcome. When time came to pay the final bill, there was NO blowout in the cost at all and I practically paid what I was quoted by Andrew. Straight away, Q.W.S. earned my trust and I have not looked back since. I have found Andrew and his team to be extremely honest in business and my website has grown over the last two years. I cannot recommend them enough.....but most of all, whenever I would ring up with a query or a question on “how to use my own website” – Andrew’s patience and guidance were exceptional. If it were not for Quantum Web Solutions.....there would be no Medals Gone Missing website. Thank you Andrew for what you have done and what you continue to do to keep my dream alive.


Gary Traynor

1 out of 5.

15 of 21 Reviews.

Walking With The Masters

Saving a Sinking Ship

Our site 'Walking With the Masters' was before Andrew at Quantum Web Solutions sinking like the Titanic. Post Andrew and the ship has been restored to her full glory and potential. We could not be more pleased. The stand out characteristic of Andrew is his impassioned commitment to the success of the site. From start to finish he did not lose sight of this, and searched every nook and cranny to ensure all was working for us in the most optimum manner.

In all communications he has gone above and beyond the call of duty - patiently explaining and interpreting the foreign language of cyber space - with a cheerful enthusiasm, making the formidable seem effortless. We wish Andrew every success in future and have no hesitation in recommending his one of a kind business.

5 out of 5.


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