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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our SEO Services have success written all over them

Search Engine Optimisation

Yes, folks it is possible to experience a 500% increase in sales from the web. Just ask our client Debt Fix. Using our SEO and pay-per-click advertising this client experienced enormous growth. And fast. Thanks to our highly successful SEO.

Most customers don’t go beyond their first Google page when they search. Understanding this, and how they research online, we make sure you are where they click.

Our mantra - drive sales through your website is in everything we do.

In your site design, your search engine optimisation, your pay-per-click advertising, and your social media campaigns. And it all comes at an extraordinarily efficient cost.

We now have a website that generates more sales and more profits than we ever thought possible. Quantum’s tools, techniques and experience in SEO made it a very simple process.

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SEO Sydney

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Our mantra - drive sales through your website is in everything we do.

What efficient SEO can do for your business

  • More cost-effective than other marketing.
  • Generate more e-business.
  • Expand your business.
  • Sell your products internationally?
  • Increase profit margins.
  • Have a 24/7 365 days a year business operating.

Approach to Selecting Keywords:

seo keyword research

Keywords are of a paramount importance in any SEO campaign, and Quantum accordingly treats this step of the process with the time and attention it needs.

Google’s core ranking algorithm coupled with the Hummingbird update work hand-in-hand in providing search users with the most relevant results for their search queries. There can be many queries revolving around a single keyword, as some users may have different intentions behind the search, and some may phrase their queries differently (‘it’s all semantics’!). To address this matter, sites need to embrace the use of semantic keywords and pay more attention to each word or phrase in a query.

It’s not just about driving traffic, it’s about driving the right ‘qualified’ traffic.

With proper research and implementation, ranking for the right keywords paves a path for your desired target market to find your website. It’s not about the quantity of search users that come into your site– it’s more about the quality of traffic that matters. The use of Analytics data and various keyword tools, we take the guesswork out of what search users’ type and enter in order to find the answer to their query and make data driven decisions. Our services connects your website with what consumers are actively seeking. That drives a far higher return on investment.

Quantum understands the importance of focusing on quality effective keywords that target your customers. We’ve got the experience and resources necessary to help achieve your goals and create a profitable strategy heavily focussed on ROI for your digital marketing campaigns. Read more about our approach to ROI and achieving results on this case study here.

Approach to Content Writing:

content marketing strategy, content writing services

Your company website can be a strong indicator of the level of prestige or service a customer can expect. Whilst the design is a strong factor, consider the actual content on the website - the layout, style, tone and language of how everything is written directly resonates to each user.

Google echoes this school of thought, evident through the former Panda updates (now integrated into the main algorithm) and the Hummingbird, where these processes checked the quality of websites and determined rankings based on relevancy and usefulness of the information found throughout the content.

How can ‘quality’ be defined? A high quality website brings digital marketing, usability and design aspects together - a platform providing relevant, useful and informative content, whilst also providing the best user-experience for search users.

Quantum’s experience and successful results mean that we know all the best-practice methods in the industry when it comes to the right approach for content writing. As illustrated above, there is a need to understand the importance of exact and variants of keywords your target customers are searching on. Understanding this as a core-concept ensures that we’ve got SEO in mind so your site is pushed up to the top of search engine rankings.

Approach to Link Building:

link building services, seo link building

Link building is a powerful SEO method that has a strong influence on keywords and ranking positions for websites. Taking into account Google’s upcoming (and continued) live Penguin update, where websites are ranked based on the quality of their backlinks, it’s important more than ever to study the network of sites. Identify where your toxic links are, and how you can build more high quality links through reputable and relevant platforms. Long gone are the times when cheap SEO methods can be used, and effective link building can only really be done properly by experienced SEO specialists with a strong understanding of how Google sees links.

Why does Quantum consider link building to be so effective? As an agency that provides high quality and natural link building services, our results have consistently proved that having your website and its content displaying on industry-relevant platforms increases the strength of your site and has the potential to reach a wider audience, where potential customers can learn more about your products and services. With a well organised link building strategy, your website can enhance its position on Google rankings and bring in the right type of traffic for your business.

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Fast fact
There are over 933 million websites on the internet. You need an expert in SEO to be noticed.
Source: February 2016, the Netcraft Web Server Survey found almost a billion web sites.

The best business call you ever made.

Call us, in just a few minutes we can determined the best way to improve your website and SEO. With the latest in web marketing and promotions we can increase your sales without huge outlays. Our knowledge and team continuously ‘refreshes’ and promotes your site into the SEO rankings. Call us, even if you don’t need your web site designed. We can start by pushing up your Google ranking. And don’t worry if you don’t completely understand the net, because you’re dealing with straightforward people, we can guide and advise you. All you need to understand is that e-business means more business.

Our SEO delivers:

  • Increased sales
  • Better website rankings
  • An efficient, well-designed website
  • Great service
  • Cost-effectiveness

Your e-business is around the corner.
Call 1300 3888 11 or fill out our online form

'Contacting Quantum was one of the best decisions I made, when starting my business.'

- Grant O'Donnell, Debt Fix

Quantum specialises in small business through to large companies, and offer all web requirements from web design through to Social Media Marketing and digital marketing.
You get the best results from start to finish.

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Quantum, your Sydney SEO Specialists.


  • Why Quantum for your SEO?

    • Quantum understand website design, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. This ensures a flow through from start to finish, makes your company website look attractive, and puts you in front of your target customer; after all, what good is an attractive looking website that no one can find?
    • Our prices are very competitive and we offer exceptional service, quality and a high level of professionalism.
    • Quantum provide "cutting edge" ideas. We listen to our customers' needs and respond to your particular requirements. This is an advantage over many of our competitors.
    • Our team has a broad range of experience, and with the constant research, we are keeping up-to-date with the latest search algorithm changes made by Google.
    • Our honest, transparent approach to digital marketing helps your company understand what we are doing for you, while we work with you to achieve the best possible results for your budget.

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  • What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the science (or art) of designing web pages in such a way that search engines can find, index, and rank them according to the value of their content, the number of links pointing into your pages, and various social signals. Google is the primary search engine in Australia, delivering over 90% of search traffic.

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  • What is the difference between SEO and Pay-Per-Click?

    SEO is what you term as the 'organic results' (those displayed on the left hand side of the search results). There is no fee paid to the search engines for your website listing to appear in the organic results. SEO rankings generally take longer to achieve, as these are based on natural progression and how Google sees your website. SEO is also subject to regular algorithm changes by Google, and while SEO has the potential to drive a significantly higher number of targetted traffic to a website, it lacks the stability of Google's Pay-Per-Click product, 'Google AdWords'.

    Pay-Per-Click, is a generic term used for ads that display on the search engines, that are paid listings based on each time the ad is clicked on. Google have a Pay-Per-Click programme called Google AdWords. In the Google search results, you differentiate between organic and paid listings, as the paid listings have a small heading above them stating 'Sponsored Links'. These will sometimes appear on the top of the page, as well as the right side of the page. Pay-Per-Click is a great solution for new websites, and websites in competitive industries as the results appear almost immediately after the ads have been setup. The only downside to Pay-Per-Click is constant increases in bid costs per keyword, however Google AdWords is still one of the best ROI marketing methods.

    Find out more in one of our articles.

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  • What is the best kind of structure for my website design?

    The best structure for your website is one that is familiar in structure to what most people are used to when they view a website. This doesn't mean your site needs to look exactly as everyone else's website, it is important that while you want your site to be unique, you also don't want to alienate people that visit your website due to being difficult to use. A site that is not user-friendly makes it an ineffective marketing tool, no matter how good it looks.

    Your average website user has a very short attention span, so unless they quickly find what they are looking for on your website, you will just as quickly lose them.

    Some basic web design layout elements that are important:

    • Having your website navigation menu horizontally along the top, or on the left side.
    • Keeping your main website navigation the same on each page. This makes it easy for people to get around your site. If the menu keeps changing, then it requires more effort to find what you are looking for.
    • Having key services quickly accessible from main site pages.
    • Having key selling points very visible and targetted to the page they are on.
    • Breaking content headings up with plenty of space, and contrasting colours for quick easy reading.

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  • Should I use animation on my website?

    Animation can look great, but if you use too much animation, it can distract a customer's focus from the most important reason they came to your website in the first place - the content of your website. In saying that, a small elements of animation can be effective to capture a persons attention with an important sales message, or simply to make the site feel more alive. Just be careful that you don't go over the top with the animation you are using, unless your industry is one that benefits from using animation.

    Flash animation is typically not used at all on new sites anymore, as the search engines cannot read the content within Flash, and Flash is not Smartphone friendly.

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  • What are keywords?

    Keywords are the words and/or phrases that are used in Search Engine Optimisation to achieve high rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc...

    Done correctly, they are keywords that will be words used by targetted buyers looking for your product or service, and not just keywords hat will drive traffic to your site.

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  • What is a long tail keyword?

    A long tail keyword is a keyword comprising of three or more words. An example of a long tail keyword is ‘Dental Implants Sydney’, or ‘Dental Implants Surgery Sydney’.

    Long tail keywords are generally more targeted and likely to bring about a higher conversion rate than a broad keyword. As Google is moving to a much more 'semantic keyword' model for search, long tail keywords are becoming more important than ever.

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  • What is a broad keyword?

    A broad keyword (or top level keyword) is a keyword comprising of one or two words. An example of a broad keyword is ‘Plastic Surgery’.

    Broad keywords tend to take more work to rank highly for in the search engines, and will not likely have as a high a conversion rate as a long tail keyword. However there can be advantages in ranking well for a broad keyword as they tend to drive much higher volumes of search engine traffic.

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  • How quickly can I get listed in the Search Engines?

    This will vary depending on the search engine, and the age and structure of a website. There are elements that can speed this process up, however search engine optimisation needs to be approached as a long term investment in your business.

    For faster traffic, you may want to consider pay-per-click services.

    With Google and Bing a website can be listed in a short period of time. However high rankings can take anywhere from four to six months. Less competitive keywords can take less time, highly competitive keywords, can take longer. With all the algorithm updates Google made in 2013, it has become extremely important for SEO specialists and web masters to take a more careful and serious approach to SEO. As a result, effective SEO is not about getting fast results, but long term results that are as 'Google future proof' as possible.

    Note: Be careful of unethical SEO companies that promise fast listings with high rankings on keywords for your website. In many cases tactics used are frowned upon by reputable SEO companies, and more importantly, the main Search Engines. So while you may achieve high search engine listings quickly, once the search engines find out they have been "duped" then your risk your website being banned altogether, which could see your site drop from Google for six months plus.

    The goal with SEO is to provide a long term sustainable - and honest - approach to building your listings.

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  • Why is continuous work required to keep my search engine rankings?

    Whether your business is an online business, or a "brick and mortar" business, keeping your products or services fresh and up-to-date is one way to keep customers interested in what you offer and keep them coming back. In this same way, search engines view websites that make constant changes with more interest.

    Search Engines can determine whether you make just a small adjustment to your website, or a make significant changes or additions. By continuously making these changes to a well optimised website, you are likely to not only maintain your rankings in the search engines over time, but to increase your positioning as well.

    Google continuously makes changes to how it defines quality sites appearing in search results. These changes typically range between 35-50 per month, and vary from slight algorithm tweaks, to major changes that completely change search results.

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  • Why do my search engine rankings fluctuate from day-to-day?

    Search Engine rankings can fluctuate from day-to-day due to a number of reasons:

    • New Competitors Entering the Market
    • Search Engines Making Major Changes to their Algorithms
    • Search Engines Tweaking the sites listed in their rankings.

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  • What elements should I consider with link building?

    Firstly a link building strategy is important. Gone are the days where low quality untargetted back links can be used to inflate search rankings. In 2013 especially, the Google Penguin updates brought about a need to build 'real quality links', using a variety of different methods. Google frowns on link schemes, and as such want websites to focus on building natural links.

    An ongoing link building strategy is required as your competitors work on their sites, and Google makes constant changes to how they rank sites, as well as the quality they associate with each link. There will also be a natural loss of backlinks over time as the sites your links are placed on, evolve and change themselves.

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  • What is the value for SEO of having a blog?

    Having a blog or news section on your website can be very valuable and is definitely recommended. Search engines love websites that provide fresh content that is relevant to their business and a blog or news section is an ideal way to do this. And with recent changes in Google, this is even more important than ever.

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  • What’s the difference between ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ SEO?

    ‘White hat’ SEO refers to the acceptable ways of optimizing and marketing a website as per the guidelines and recommendations of search engines such as Google. Sticking to these rules ensures a healthy relationship with search engines and more consistent results. While 'White hat' techniques can take a bit longer to yield results, they are more sustainable over the long haul. ‘Black hat’ SEO involves practices which are not ethical and go against Google guidelines. They are the SEO equivalent of spam, and while they can provide results short term it’s just a matter of time until sites get caught out and penalised by being removed from search results. Penalised sites can see a site banned from Google for anything from 6 months plus, which can be extremely damaging to a business. At Quantum Web we take pride in only carrying out ethical ‘white hat’ SEO for our clients.

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  • Why are some other SEO companies cheaper?

    In the competitive world of Search Engine Optimisation there are many different levels of service and quality. Some SEO companies have emerged offering low price packages which seem good value. These agencies often use ‘black hat’ methods and many even employ automated software that does the job for you. Or some are simply behind the times and still employing cheap link building methods which lead to damaging search rankings, and can be difficult to recover from.

    It’s highly recommended to avoid such campaigns as damage done to a websites reputation with search engines can be very time consuming and difficult to reverse. At Quantum all work is carried out by real people with extensive skills and experience, meaning your website is in safe hands.

    Quantum also work with your company to look past simply keyword positions, and to how our campaigns can drive new enquiries and sales to your company.

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