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Bupa Smiles was launched in New Zealand to extend Bupa’s commitment to help people live healthier and happier lives.

The leading health care providers, aim to make oral health care easily accessible and achievable to customers all over New Zealand.


Bupa Smiles was built using a custom enterprise based CMS to ensure optimal website security. Furthermore, the websites’ location page was custom built to ensure the right logic of results, and ease of use on the dental location finder.


Bupa needed a website launched to promote a new venture 'Bupa Smiles' which is a $1 a day pre-payment plan for New Zealand Dental Practices to offer their patients. Quantum worked closely with Bupa to understand their website functionality needs which included ease of use, location finder functions and alignment with current brand guidelines.

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Other work

Bupa Dental

Bupa Dental

The launch of Bupa Dental is part of Bupa’s commitment to be a health and care partner for our customers.
Bupa is committed to making a difference by making high quality and great value dental care easily accessible to customers.

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