Looking For A Job? Google It With Google For Jobs!

t's no secret that a lot of people use search engines to look for jobs. So it’s no surprise that the world's largest search engine, Google, has recently released a new platform to make job hunts easier! The tech giant recently launched its very own job search portal that’s designed to help job seekers filter through job openings. The platform is already active in the US but when it will be launched in Australia remains unclear. Here’s a tweet from Google about the release: How The Google For Jo..... Read more

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Google announces custom URLs for Google+

In another move to reduce the gap between features of Google+ and Facebook, Google recently announced they are rolling out custom URLs for Google+ profiles, rather than the current ones (for example: which are quite messy and unattractive. The new URLs are long overdue, with other social media platforms having had them for years, and once available to everyone will no doubt make Google+ more attractive for digital marketing.So far the URLs are only avail..... Read more

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Technology Alert: Mind Reading Tech

Brace yourselves – mind reading technology is officially on its way! Facebook’s experimental technologies division a.k.a. Building 8 have announced that they’re working on ‘optical neuro-imaging systems’. In other words Facebook is attempting to develop a mind reading technology that would enable people to convey and type messages with their brain at up to 100 words per minute. Along with letting you type with your thoughts, the group has also hinted at its’ plans of allowing you to “hear with y..... Read more

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Advancements in Technology to Impact Local Search

Recent advancements and developments in technology may change the way we perform local searches in the near future. The manner in which individuals perform and discover local searches will soon be fundamentally changed through technologies such as digital assistants, big data, augmented reality and beacons. Thus, the way you currently market and advertise locally needs to change along with these advancements. Here’s everything you need to know about these upcoming technologies: Big Data – Advan..... Read more

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What YouTube’s Global advertiser boycott means for Google

Within the past decade, YouTube has become a video hosting giant used for entertainment, advertisements, music, businesses ventures and more. But has its growth finally come to a halt? In the past week major consumer brands have pulled their ads from YouTube after they started appearing alongside racist, misogynistic and extremist content. The boycott was initiated in late February after the Times Newspaper found BBC programs advertised among videos posted by former Ku Klux Klan member David Duk..... Read more

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Google News – Importance of CMS and SEO in 2017!

Recent updates within Google may mean that using secure CMS and proper SEO strategies are now more important than ever. Earlier this month, Google announced a 32% increase in hacked sites in 2016 that has been attributed to two main reasons. Hackers are now getting more aggressive than ever, with more technologies and ways to weave their way through security holes on web and search engines. Secondly, website owners are not keeping track of their sites and content management systems, allowing the..... Read more

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Google Ads – More Effective Than Ever?

Have you ever searched for a query on Google and scrolled straight past the ads just to click on the first or second organic result? This is a common scenario, often termed as ‘ad blindness’ wherein search users move past the top ad section of Google without even reading them. This means that people generally trust organic search results more than paid Google Ads. In the past, we have seen Google come up with different visual tactics to overcome this ‘ad blindness’. Recent examples would be the ..... Read more

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Mobile-first Indexing - What to Know and How to Prepare

Mobile-first Indexing The upcoming Mobile-first Index was confirmed by Google in November last year. The Mobile-first index is the process of Google’s search index being split into separate desktop and mobile versions. According to Google’s announcement, more people are searching on mobile devices as opposed to computers or tablets, which means the Mobile Index will better serve the majority of search users. Google is still experimenting with this new update, meaning it has not been ..... Read more

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Google Possum Update: Has Your Listing Disappeared from Local Map Results?

The New Google Possum Algorithm May Cause Listings to ‘Play Dead’ During September 2016, there was a significant update made to the local algorithm which caused many business owners and webmasters to think their local listing had disappeared from Google’s local pack results. However, a more refined inquest has found that Google has implemented a filtering method within search engine results – hence the discovery of the Possum algorithm. This algorithm update affects local search results, putting..... Read more

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Penguin is Now Part of Google’s Core Search Algorithm

Google has officially announced that the Penguin 4.0 update is now live and part of the core algorithm. This update has been forthcoming, with the launch date initially set for November 2015, before being postponed in January and April this year. The last major Penguin update occurred in October 2014, which was almost two years ago. Penguin 4.0 is the 7th iteration of the update, and will be the last manual rollout as it is now part of Google’s everyday ranking signals. The Penguin Algorit..... Read more

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