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Andrew Seidel - Managing Director

Andrew Seidel

Andrew, as the Managing Director of Quantum, provides clients insight and powerful strategies that deliver dependable digital solutions to grow their business. With 15 years of digital experience, he understands the changing online environment from digital marketing channels such as SEO, social media and web design to more complex web development projects. Andrew strives for Quantum to provide the best solutions at a competitive price and manages the growth of the Quantum team to specialise in various areas of digital needed in catering for an increasingly complex market. This drive has seen a company that has grown year-on-year by mostly referral business alone.

Andrew has an in-depth understanding of all aspects of digital solutions which makes him stand out from competitors who often only understand one or two aspects of digital. He specialises in finding solutions that drive a high return on a client’s business investment. While many agencies take advantage of people’s lack of technical understanding, by either over-charging or providing a lower quality product, Andrew aims to provide the highest quality product with an honest transparent approach that doesn’t overload clients with technical jargon, and without overcharging. He integrates creative solutions for businesses across all digital platforms in line with market trends meeting customer requirements with a special approach.

Andrew is passionate about measurable media, accountability and results-oriented marketing activities. With expert knowledge in SEO, design, and front-end coding, Andrew has been the key force in empowering the team to develop a specialised boutique CMS. 

Andrew has gained credibility for establishing a CMS which is search engine friendly, has user-friendly features, and maximises SEO results. This powerful CMS is built with Google in mind and focuses on making it easy to update for the end user. Quantum looks forward to marketing it as a leading CMS solution to the mass market. As a forward-thinker, he invests the time in developing the best solutions for the market.

Andrew is always positive and excited about the next big thing to influence the market and customer behaviour. By keeping his finger on the pulse, he believes Google Glass will become a mainstream product that people will use to view the world and record behaviour including how the web is used.

Andrew regularly lectures at colleges offering new insights and knowledge to graduates and undergraduates on expectations when entering into the digital industry and about becoming innovative leaders in digital marketing.
The key to Andrew’s success is having knowledge in all areas of digital marketing rather than focusing on one area. After years of perseverance, hard work, and delivering on promises, Andrew has brought Quantum to the forefront of digital marketing agencies in Sydney.

Customers are his core focus.

Eddy Tong

Front-End Web Developer

Eddy came to Quantum with a background in Web Development and Interactive Media. He has created unique and comprehensive websites by working closely with the team to translate a client’s marketing and information content into functional interactive live solutions. Eddy has a great eye for detail and is passionate about delivering the right solution to achieve the best results. Eddy works toward achieving the best solutions during development.

Eddy has 7 years of experience working in various areas of the web and is responsible for Front-End coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and has a special interest in HTML5 and CSS3. He is the digital frontman for problem-solving and offering technical solutions to match the design teams ideas, and offering general technical support. Eddy’s early digital experiences, when introduced to the internet, inspired Eddy to pursue a role in digital. He holds a Bachelor degree in Interactive Media and hopes to further his knowledge of JavaScript and PHP programming. Web Development and Website Interactive Design are his strengths. His skills in animation, social media, and video production are beneficial when working on various complexities of web development. With a strong commitment to excellence, he often receives client acknowledgement for successful digital campaigns.

With a dedicated development team and its own powerful CMS, Eddy loves working with Quantum because “we are a leading digital company. Quantum has the ability to do what other digital companies simply cannot.”

Danny Krstevski

Graphic and Web Designer

Danny began his career as a Graphic and Web Designer while working for several Sydney-based digital agencies. Having worked with digital design for 6 years, Danny brings his expertise in analysing and providing clients with highly scalable website designs that are visually appealing, technically competent and user-friendly. He believes working closely with both the in-house team and clients to establish effective and innovative designs is the key in generating conversion and sales.

With an in-depth understanding of digital marketing, Danny creates varied design prototypes, simplifies complex interface designs, and provides concepts for content to ensure easy navigation. He develops comprehensive website design solutions that engage people and attracts new leads.

Danny enjoys applying his passion for digital illustration and respects the creative freedom given to produce great digital work with the use of Adobe Creative Suite coupled with Quantum’s unique CMS. He was commended for working on all aspects of Kokoda Track ‘n Trail aimed at improving business and online presence which involved logo design, brand development, and web design.

Danny appreciates working with a team of energetic and innovative professionals that are interested in improving a client's business and not just making money. He is inspired by Google designers and developers and looks forward to the changes in internet experience.

Heidi Zhou

Graphic and Web Designer

Heidi brings a wealth of experience in multimedia and digital design from working in broadcast productions, advertising and marketing agencies, and publishing. She holds a Masters degree in Multimedia Production and has a great interest in market and business analysis. She is exceptionally insightful and provides clients with a clear market analysis offering the best web solutions in their competitive market.

Her extensive skill set is beneficial in producing high-quality work which includes UI/UX web design and front-end development, brand identity, and marketing collateral. Her dynamic personality radiates enthusiasm and energy as she pursues her objectives actively. Quantum provides the digital environment which stimulates her passion for new challenges. Despite her fact-driven solutions, she understands the importance of producing interactive design solutions improving the customers' digital experience, stimulating conversions, and increasing sales. Her experience working with government departments, the transport corporation, and high profile corporate clients offers Quantum new business opportunities.

Laurence Potter

Content Outreach
(Link Building)

Laurence brings an analytical eye to our link building process, through closely observing keywords in their respective markets. His experience in backlink health checks for websites allow Quantum to provide high-quality link building solutions based on increasing trust and relevancy flows to improve rankings on search engines.

Joe Ryan

Content Outreach
(Link Building)

Joe specialises in the areas of natural link building for digital marketing using a variety of different white-hat SEO methods and plays a very important part in the SEO for our clients.

Dave Warburton


Dave Warburton is a magazine editor and dental writer with more than 16 years’ content management and trade publishing experience. He contributes regular features to Australasian Dentist and is the current Editor of Lab Works. Dave is also a prolific writer with an extensive portfolio of online and print content work. Dave's writing has supported the marketing activities of many companies, products and services through forms of magazine articles, web copy, blogs and press releases.

Pavel Mgur

Lead Web Developer

A vastly experienced professional web developer, Pavel takes pride in meeting the greatest of challenges offered by Quantum clients. He is highly proficient across UNIX and Windows platforms using a collection of programming languages ­- PHP, CGI/Perl, ASP/ASP.NET as well as HTML, JavaScript, CSS to create functional and complex websites. Pavel’s expertise has been key in bringing Quantum’s CMS to life. In addition, he specialises in full-featured data management systems using MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, NoSQL Solutions.

Quantum’s flexibility to use innovative technologies keeps Pavel inspired to develop unique and exciting solutions. His determination to find quick solutions and design how system components interact to maximise a customer’s online experience is a great asset to the Quantum team of developers. He mandates the best technology choices to achieve high-quality stable solutions.

He is highly regarded by Quantum’s team of developers who are always eager to meet his expectations. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has a special interest to further his knowledge in economics and finance. As a passionate developer, Pavel uses his knowledge of Objective-C, used for mobile app development, to develop Apple Apps using IOS programming and other new technologies. He believes the changes the newly released programming language, Swift released by Apple, may bring new possibilities for developers.

Speed, data integrity, and source code management are controlled by a highly valued web developer’s tool –GIT, which the development team uses to track and merge changes.

New ways of publishing ideas online, connecting with people, and watching events unfold in real time are always fascinating. Pavel’s bucket list of ideas includes developing a new way people, interests, events, and businesses can interact online.

Alexandr Chand

Web Developer

Alexander has over 7 years experience as a programmer and mainly specialises in the following areas of web development:

  • Platforms: UNIX, Windows
  • DBMS: MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, NoSQL Solutions
  • Server side: PHP, CGI/Perl, ASP/ASP.NET
  • Client side: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS

Vova Kotlov

Web Developer

Vova has over 5 years experience as a programmer and mainly specialises in the following areas of web development:

  • Platforms: UNIX, Windows
  • DBMS: MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Server side: PHP, C#
  • Client side: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS

Alexander Yusu

Web Developer

Alexander has over 9 years experience as a programmer and mainly specialises in the following areas of web development:

  • Platforms: UNIX, Windows
  • DBMS: MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, NoSQL Solutions
  • Server side: PHP, CGI/Perl, ASP/ASP.NET
  • Client side: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS

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