We are a Spotify Advertising Agency

Spotify advertising is a powerful way to get your brand in front of your ideal customers. At Quantum we specialise in helping businesses like yours get the most out of Spotify advertising and marketing.

Get your brand in front of millions of music fans on Spotify

There are over 365 million active users on Spotify, including many potential customers for your business. Get your brand in front of them with a high quality, targeted campaign from our team at Quantum, one of Australia’s leading digital media agencies.

As a Spotify advertising agency, it is our job to help you raise awareness and generate leads with high quality creative.

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The power of audio advertising

Audio advertising is an effective and affordable way to connect directly with your audience and build awareness for your brand or product among millions of music fans on Spotify, the world’s largest streaming service for digital music and audio content.

Targeted campaigns tailored to you

We work closely with you every step of the way to develop a campaign that meets your specific goals and objectives, while offering you access to detailed reporting so you can measure the success of each campaign as it runs across multiple platforms including display ads, social media posts and more!

Why us?

As one of Australia’s leading digital media agencies, we bring together creative talent from around the world with deep expertise in both traditional and digital marketing techniques to help businesses grow their brands through effective audio & video ads on Spotify & other channels

We are committed to delivering:


An efficient, well-designed campaign



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