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Since the inception of Quantum dating back more than 16 years ago, our team has always been passionate about all things unique and creative when working with our clients across various projects. We have integrated these concepts into our core focus as a digital agency – where today, Quantum aims to provide results-driven and highly innovative solutions when it comes to professional website design services.

We’ve got the necessary experience to form ideas into reality. We’ve got the staff to give you that personal touch and service throughout the whole brainstorming process. But most importantly, clients choose Quantum for our ability to exceed expectations when it comes to providing the design that they want for their site and brand.

Why is great web design so important?

Why is great web design so important?

Because effective design keeps people engaged.

Because effective design keeps people engaged.

The more engaged they are, the more time spent on your site.

The more engaged they are, the more time spent on your site.

The more engaged they are, the more time spent on your site.

And the more likely they are to become a conversion.

The Benefits of ‘Custom Web Design’


The Benefits of ‘Custom Web Design’

Custom Web Design, Designed for your Business

A custom designed website offers benefits that will help your brand grow long-term. A design which is tailored to your guidelines will result in a look that aligns with your own goals and strategy, and one that can’t be copied by competitors in your industry. Here are the main benefits of having a custom design website:

A Unique Look to Match Your Own Brand A Unique Look to Match Your Own Brand

From the perspective of a consumer, it’s easy to line up businesses and corresponding websites and make comparisons about the differences of each brand to see which site best fits consumers’ needs. A custom website will highlight only the features that you want associated with your brand, giving you a platform to build a unique presence focusing on the professional look on display for search users, and the opportunity to emphasise on the exclusive selling points which makes your brand better compared to others.

Search Engine Friendly Search Engine Friendly

Customised web designs are built to keep within guidelines of search engines such as Google. This involves the site being built with search-friendly code, and implementing best practice user experience features. Being search engine friendly is not purely for the benefit of improving your traffic and rankings; it also leads to a more satisfied experience for your search users which ultimately leads to a site that drives revenue for your business. Using web development markup for the purpose of being search-friendly will improve the performance of customised websites, boosting exposure to search engines and positively influencing page rankings on SERPs.

Improved Marketing Opportunities Improved Marketing Opportunities

A customised website is built with your services in mind and consumers at the centrepiece. The ability to connect your consumers to what your brand offers is a highly specialised skillset. A website that is customised to meet this goal results in a design that is easy to use, and ensures positive engagement when accessing the key areas of your site. User experience is a key point of consideration for all websites as it’s aimed at keeping and satisfying your search users. A truly effective custom web design will offer that positive engagement, and make the most of your chances in converting your traffic into paying customers.

Template vs Custom Template vs Custom

The prevalence of ‘template’ websites offers flexibility and convenience for webmasters, especially if the matter is time sensitive and the need to set up a new site in a short space of time is the priority.

Website templates offer premade formats of a site, built to be easily used by any brand or company. Some of these templates can be quite beautiful and aesthetically well designed. Choosing a readymade look for your site is a big time-saver, which is why templates can be an attractive option for webmasters and business owners. However, this convenience factor also means that templates can be just as easily used by others in your industry due to its accessibility.

As the saying goes, beauty is nothing without brains - and this sums up the function of a template website. It’s important to know the downfalls associated with template websites, as the use of templates undermine the effectiveness of custom web design, leading people to uncertainty when it comes to employing measures that will make your brand stand out and effectively communicate your message to your target audience. Not to mention the fact that templates are also non-search friendly. A customised design may take longer to build as opposed to something that is readily available. But it’s built with UX in mind, which is designed to suit your brand’s demographics and customised for optimal conversions. So while the upfront cost may be more, the return the custom designed site brings will be much greater.

Obvious template designs will only remind search users that there are other competitors that offer the same product/service of your brand or company. A customised and unique design will separate you from the crowd, as it isn’t replicated like a template design. Custom web design is a direct reflection of your company vision, highlighting a business’ well-structured marketing strategy.

Visual Representation

The importance of visual representation goes beyond the need of making a good first impression. Take into consideration that your site is on display to potential consumers who will make a snap judgement as to whether they like or dislike your brand based on your design – the look of your website needs to convey the key elements about your company or brand in a visually aesthetic manner, which will ultimately lead to higher satisfaction from your search users. Your site is a platform to influence consumer choices, and impacts the decision-making process from their perceived level of trust and likeability to the site.


Brand image is an important aspect for your consumers. It’s important for your target market to be familiar with your brand, as that is the pathway for securing sustainable growth and revenue from existing customers. Your brand should provide an instant connection to the most outstanding products/services that you offer, which requires the right kind of design to forge that kind of connection

Functionality (Responsive Website Design)

Badly designed websites can be more detrimental than what it simply looks like on the surface. A practical design should include useful features such as easy navigation, simple fonts/styles, and appropriate blend of colours. A website that doesn’t adhere to these principles will cause usability issues for anyone visiting the website. The usability aspect is closely linked with the visual appeal that your site offers to potential consumers. Search users hold sites with good usability in high regard, underlying the importance of functionality that comes with custom website designs. Read more about responsive web design.

Functionality (Responsive Website Design)

Your Website, Designed to
Maximise Traffic and Sales

User Experience

Commonly referred to as UX, the user experience is a term which defines how search users respond and interact with websites, applications, or any other digital channel. No matter what the channel is, UX directly impacts consumers’ level of satisfaction through features such as brand design, site layout and functionality. The relationship between UX and the business brand should be a key element when designing your website, as it will ultimately influence your target market’s perception of your brand.

A custom design website will have UX as a point of focus, and this comes down to improving the engagement between potential customers and your website. Making informed decisions based on data and key disciplines will benefit your company no matter what the purpose of your website is. Your goal may be to increase sales, reduce admin-related time (shoppers and quotes), or simply achieving greater customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers will always turn to a business they can rely on, which is why our designers are trained to implement UX measures throughout our work.

Search Engine Friendliness

Designing an SEO friendly website relies on the crawl-able aspects, which is making sure the web content is accessible to search engines. A search-engine friendly website design will rely on effective coding and fast loading speed in order to positively influence the SEO rankings for your site’s keywords. However this should not take away the focus on search users who are real people looking for your product or service; an SEO friendly website is built for the combined purpose of search users, as well as search engines like Google. This is why custom web design is so important, as it carries the disciplines to meet both parties’ needs, in creating a positive user experience and technically sound website.

Website Design Portfolio,
Proudly Presented by Quantum

Web Design Process

A Site that drives your business goals

Quantum’s core values are to provide each brand with a website that effectively communicates their business concepts to the target market. There is no ‘one shoe fits all’ approach when it comes to site designs. We work closely with our clients to ensure they receive exactly what they want, meaning there is sense of consistency between the actual business and the feel and design of the site.

Every business and brand has its own needs. What’s important too is this - as your business grows, so do your digital marketing needs. That’s where you can rely on our partnership and continued commitment, as a solid website design company.

The design process will differ based on the type of project at hand. But don’t worry, because we know how important your time is! For all our work, we provide a timeline of events that guides you through what stage we’re at, and what needs to be done before the completion of the project.

Is customer support important to you?

Continuity is also a big factor when it comes to the design process. There are a lot of template builders who commonly work on a contractual basis, leaving a gap for clients who are left without anyone to continue working on their site once it has been built. Support is never an issue when you work with Quantum. Our designers are always here to help you with any enquiries, and take into account any ideas you wish to add on to the project.

No longer will you have to wonder, ‘what’s happening to our website?’ Our team is here to help you through every step in our design process, and answer any questions you might have.

Ongoing Content Management

Uploading fresh content or making changes to existing material is a regular part of your website maintenance. Clients can take care of their own content (unless you don’t want to be), and have the control to add, remove and edit as they wish, at their own convenience.

Quantum understands that business owners are often time-poor, thus the ability to manage content on a page by page level can be a task often neglected or overlooked. That’s why you can always pass this task on to Quantum. We handle content with the level of meticulousness it deserves, and provide optimisation for the benefit of both search users and search engines. Ask us about ongoing content management to save time down the track! Click here to learn more,

Ongoing Content Management

Website Checklist

A website that grows with your business

We believe that all our clients should have visually stimulating web design and maximum traffic.

Work with a Sydney web design company that understands how your business works on the net. Choosing a company exclusively on design, and being cheap, can be limiting and costly.

We design your website so it can grow with your business, and utilise SEO. Before you decide on who builds your site, ask yourself the following:

1. Does the website suit your business needs?
2. Does the website reflect your brand?
3. Is the site contemporary and up-to-date?
4. Is the site easy to use and navigate?
5. Does the site meet WC3 and modern web standards, is it internet compliant?
6. Does the site work in all the main browsers and designed for various devices (responsive website design) and is Google compliant?
7. Is it search engine friendly?
8. Does it use the latest technologies, in a smart way?

With a Quantum site, you confidently say ‘yes’ to all of the above. That’s because we design websites intelligently. So your customers can find your site when they search and find their way around your site when they’re on it. To see how we can meet your business needs, contact the Sydney Quantum office.

Quantum’s passion is around all our clients having a visually stimulating web design to draw in maximum traffic and convert genuine leads.

We’ve got the necessary experience and required skillset to meet even the most imaginative projects. When you come to Quantum to engage our services for website design, we want you to know that you’ve come to the right place.

Customised design, designed for your business
Personalised service, with you every step of the way
Focused on creating a web design to meet your business goals
Building search-engine friendly sites
Up-to-date with the latest trends in design
Fast turnaround, competitive rates

Contact Quantum, Your Professional
Sydney Web Designers

To see how we can meet your business needs, contact Quantum and speak to a professional today! No job is too big or small, and we can offer a fresh perspective in forming the perfect design that you want to create.

Give us a call or send us an online enquiry. For any help related to website design services, we’re here to help!

Web Design FAQs

Looking to find out more about our web design services? Take a look at a list of our frequently asked questions below.

Is my website built locally?

Yes, absolutely. Our web design team is located in Rosebery (Sydney) NSW. Our process of designing a web site end-to-end is completed here.

The cost of a website will be dependent on the particular features your company website requires, as well as the time of work involved. Please contact Quantum for a tailored quote designed for your company’s specific requirements.

Simple websites can take as little as 2-3 weeks to design. Larger websites anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

A new website takes time to design, that’s why we develop a timeline for your benefit of keeping updated throughout our progress with all the work involved. The amount of time it takes to design sites also rely on the client’s ability in delivering responses, such as reviewing work, providing feedback and answering questions. The more communication we have between the parties, the more quickly we move on to the next steps of the project. If you have a required deadline to meet, please discuss this with our team and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.

If you have a required deadline to meet, please discuss this with our team and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.

If your business needs ecommerce capabilities, find out more here.

Yes, we can redesign existing websites if you wish to refresh the design. There are many reasons for choosing to redesign your website, such as making a site more search friendly AND user-friendly, or you simply want to update the look of your brand. We have experience performing these activities, and therefore we are confident we can get the exact look you are after.

Once the work has been fully paid for, you own the website!

Yes, we can! We have designers who specialise in the creation of logos for brands. Working closely with clients, our designers will form ideas into reality and guide you through the draft process, in order to produce a logo that best conveys your brand in the most stimulating visual manner.

A CMS, or Content Management System, is system by which a website can be updated and edited.

There are many different types of CMS available to choose from, each with their own advantages (and disadvantages). We use and recommend 'QMS', due to its ease of usability on the backend and for search users. It’s also built to be highly search engine friendly.

QMS is constantly being developed to keep up with the latest technologies, and to continue to deliver a high performing product to maximise the benefits of your site on the internet.

Content writing is part of our SEO repertoire, considering that we’re all about engaging traffic and converting them into profitable leads. It is a separate service to web design, so please contact us if you require content to be written for your website. We have specialised writers with experience in specified industries, enabling them to write compelling material that is appropriate for each project.

We provide full transparent terms and conditions to our clients before starting any project. Clients are welcome to ask specific questions related to the T&C’s, as we want to be fully transparent about the services we offer.

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