About Quantum

Quantum specialise in digital services

With 18 years in operation, we've built a specialist team who offer a range of service solutions for your digital media and marketing needs.

From website design, web development, SEO, social media and whatever the next new thing is, we make sure your company is geared up to take full advantage of your online customers. New and existing.

And we make sure that customers find you. Quick smart.

If your business needs online shopping capabilities, we can build a site that makes sure customers buy, not window shop.

At Quantum, we expand your online brand presence for one simple reason. To drive sales.

How we super-size your sales

First, we target potential customers. Then we drive the traffic to your site.

That’s the beauty of online. SEO, SEM and social media puts your brand in front of the right people. Consumers’ online viewing behaviour, i.e. their interests, is matched with the right product, i.e. your brand. At Quantum, we know how to maximise exposure with the right customer. We don’t just drive traffic to your site, but the right kind of traffic. So your advertising costs are reduced and your ROI increased. Something only professionals can promise.

Why Should I Hire Quantum?

Our team

What clients like best about our people is our service.

Not only are we honest and direct, we explain everything in a way you can understand - business terms not technical jargon. And because integrity is a cornerstone value, no one will sell you something you don’t need. The same goes for our costing. You are always aware of what you’ll be charged. We are proudly transparent about costs.

Even though we’re Sydney-based, we're here to service the web, worldwide. These days most businesses are not confined by geographical boundaries, and neither are we. Whether you are selling crocodile-skin boots to folks in Idaho, or teeth whitening in Double Bay, we make sure your product or service reaches your market. We drive results, regardless of where you are located.

Our team is selected for their interpretation skills as much as their design skills. They ‘get’ your brief immediately, and understand what colours and fonts represent your brand. 95% of our designs are a success the first time.

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Our Vision

Quantum’s vision is to be a leading Australian digital agency known and trusted by businesses across Australia for the value we drive and the results we achieve.

Our Mission

To exceed clients’ expectations because we want to be that digital agency everyone wants to work with.

We aim to create effective digital marketing solutions that drive a high ROI for our clients.

To execute our mission we believe it is as necessary for Quantum to choose the right clients, as it is for clients to choose us over our competitors. For us, that choice is about working with clients who want to take a collaborative approach and are as passionate as us at the potential their websites can bring them.

We believe our services should provide our clients with value, and that transparency is necessary so our clients understand the true meaning of that value.

As an agency in such a fast moving field, we must continue to evolve, educate and grow to continue providing value and a high level of service to our clients. And we must never promise anything we do not believe we can deliver on.

Our principles

Quantum have a personal dedication to each of our client’s. We treat each website and campaign like it was our own. More than just providing effective solutions to all of our client’s problems, we make it a priority to make that service and that solution personal. In everything we provide, we aim for our clients to see a strong return on investment.

We aim to be transparent and communicate with our clients in a language they understand (not in fancy technical jargon to make ourselves sound impressive). We are downright friendly, easy to chat to and provide an upbeat attitude for our client’s.

We take ownership of any of our errors (we are all human!) and are transparent with the reasons as to ‘why’ and transparent with our solutions - honesty, integrity and clear-cut communication. Within the team, we strive to uphold this mantra.

Our passion, your site.

Our mission statement is not just bunch of words. It’s something we live it and breathe. Innovation at a price that works for everyone.

That is why we focus on the two:

  1. Effective design (UX).
  2. Effective digital marketing that drives a high ROI.

We aim to exceed clients’ expectations because we want to be that digital agency everyone wants to work with.

We believe that all our clients should have visually stimulating web design and maximum traffic.

Your one stop shop.

We design for effective SEO because we offer an end-to-end service across the web.
The end result is an increase in your sales thanks to our one-stop shop.
And our proven expertise across the web.

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