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We connect you with new patients

If for every $1 you invested, you saw a $67+ return,
would you be opposed to investing in digital marketing to grow your practice?

We've found that on average dental practices in our programme for over 6 months:

  • with a budget of $5k - $10k per month, have seen an ROI of 800%.
  • with a budget of $10k + per month, have seen an ROI of 1,700%.

Quantum have specialised in dental websites, and digital marketing for dentists for the past 15 years. How do we do that? It's not some magic formula. The past 16 years has taught us a lot about what works, and what doesn't work, when marketing to prospective patients. We use these methods to effectively target our clients' marketing.

We have dental practices that are generating 150+ new patients per month through our work.

This case study examines the revenue generated from each digital channel that one of our Practices have invested in. The use of call tracking allowed us to develop a proprietary method to give you an indication of how valuable the results are that Quantum drive for our clients.

Quantum can help you CONNECT with new patients

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Had poor or no results from SEO in the past?

We often hear of the bad experiences some of our clients have previously had with their SEO companies.

I paid $X amount per month and didn’t get results.

Budget is some times the problem. If you are not spending enough for the range of services/treatments you are going after, results can fall flat as the budget is not focussed enough, or simply targeting very competitive services that do require more budget to be successful. That is part of our job as an agency, to align your budget with what can be achieved for that budget.

Dentistry is very competitive, and many dentists are active with the SEO on their sites, so it means the right budget is a must.

They promised results but did not deliver.

Unfortunately, SEO is not an industry you can promise anything on. Google makes multiple monthly changes to they rank websites, some small, some large, and SEOs need to keep adjusting to align with Google’s changes. Due to these, it makes promises impossible, and as such a red flag as to what they truly will deliver.

Here are other common reasons:
  1. The SEO did not know what they were doing. They may have had success with a few websites, but don’t understand Google’s algorithm well enough to replicate that success.
  2. The website has technical problems, and the SEO is not a technical person. While SEO is something a lot of people consider must require technical skills, this is not always required. A very well built website, can then have a non-technical SEO get good results from that site. However as soon as there are technical issues, they don’t know what is wrong or how to deal with them, and SEO results fall over.
  3. Unfortunately as with many industries, there are cowboys who only care about taking your money, and won’t actually do any of the work they promise they will.
  4. The SEO agency has made important recommendations for additions to the site, and the client has not implemented them. Not everything that needs to be done for a site to rank well falls under SEO. It could be additional content being added to the website, or technical problems with the site needing to be fixed. The difference in results can be within the thousands of visitors per month that are missed out on due to recommendations not being followed.
  5. The agency will show you results of keyword positions that have ranked well, but barely anyone actually searches on in Google, so are what we coin as ‘useless keywords’.

Dentistry Web Design

Based on a specialised design alone, your business could see an increase of
$10,000 + additional revenue every month.

A specialised team of designers, developers and SEOs will make
sure your new website isn't just a pretty face.

Dental marketing Services

Design & Build

Design & Build

We design and build a website that fits the dentistry market and grows with your practice. What sites have we made for dentists in Australia and New Zealand?


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SEO & AdWords

SEO & Google Ads

Amongst the most effective forms of advertising, SEO and Google Ads help drive new patients to your Practice.


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Social Media

Social Media

Convert your Social Media Campaign into brand recognition and capital revenue.


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