Dental Practice Digital Marketing

Grow your practice with 20 to 30 new patients every month.

Our local, Sydney-based agency has 15 years’ experience creating digital advertising strategies for successful dental practices.

We help you get more out of your digital spend

If your dental practice is just getting started in digital advertising, we know this space can be confusing.

At Quantum, we believe in relationships – we invest in our client’s success – and we are committed to transparent communication and results.

As your trusted partner in digital advertising, we can advise you on everything from cost to copy and creative, and implement it all for you, reporting back regularly on progress and results in a way that will make sense to you.

For us, transparency and openness starts here

We’ve tallied all our dental practice results to-date, and we know, on average, over 6 months working with us:

  1. Dental practices spending $5k - $10k per month, achieve a return on investment of 800%.
  2. Dental practices spending $10k+ per month, achieve a return on investment of 1,700%.

For our clients, what that looks like is more patients, more revenue and faster, easier business growth.

How does it work?

Here’s a quick case study. A dental practice in Sydney approached us because they had a trickle of new customers and they wanted to increase that to a flow – they wanted to really grow their practice, fast.

We met with them to discuss their specific goals, checked out the competition in their area and developed a unique advertising strategy just for them. From the minute we started advertising, we also started tracking, and we reported back to them weekly on our progress.

Were they impressed? With 150+ new patients per month, they were more than impressed!

Get in touch now, and receive your unique strategy for dental practice growth.

Create a search engine optimsation (SEO) strategy that helps build your practice.

When using Google, 90% of people click on a link on the first page of search results. To succeed online, your site needs to be front and centre, and Quantum’s custom strategy will get you there.

With Quantum, find out what it takes to get there. OR Working with Quantum, means finally achieving that top-of-page position!

We help you navigate search engine optimisation

We promised transparency, so here it is: more businesses, including dental practices, are fooled by poor or fake SEO companies, than possibly any other digital marketing practice.

They lose money, they lose confidence, and they don’t get the new patients they were promised.

Why? Because SEO is complicated and many inexperienced agencies either don’t get it, or don’t explain to their clients how it works and what they should expect.

How are we different?

We are obsessed with SEO

Our local, Australian team, has been working on search engine optimisation for more than a decade, and we have been working with dental practices even longer!

For a start, we understand how SEO works – we know your practice is going to be competing for the top search result against many other practices that might all have strong SEO strategies. We also know Google changes its algorithm as often as you change your gloves. We take all of this and more into consideration when creating your approach to SEO.

We believe in absolute transparency… and real strategy!

We know no one can promise you top spot, exactly for the reason above. But what we can promise you is a laser focus on new patient enquiries, detailed keyword research so we know what people are searching for related to your practice, how often, why and what phrases your competitors are targeting.

That enables us to carefully plan a strategy, just for your dental practice, that helps you grow your business.

We know what it takes to get results

We also know SEO is not an overnight game – you can’t organically go from a search result on page 100 to the number one result overnight, it takes time. But investing now, means more visitors you don’t have to pay for, down the track.

So often, new clients approach us after negative experiences in the past. They have spent money with no result, due to unfocused budgets; they have been promised results with no delivery; they have technical website problems that impede search results; or they are ranking for useless words.

The key to getting SEO right, starts with working with an agency that practices transparency and communicates a clear strategy and expected outcomes.

Quantum is your dental practice SEO specialist – our outcomes speak for themselves, and if you don’t believe them, our clients are happy to share their positive results too.
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