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Our main goal is to facilitate conversions between brands and consumers using innovative ideas to inspire people and motivate behaviour. We take a data-driven approach to the methods we provide, combined with 16 years of industry experience which enable us to develop solutions for your ever-evolving target market.

We know the work involved when it comes to building your brand. Our digital services work together to form meaningful connections and focus on innovative ideas for the best return on investment from your marketing efforts.

When it comes to consumers, we understand that they live in the moment once it comes to fulfilling their need for a product or service. Our team at Quantum is ever coming up with progressive ideas and solutions, in order to navigate our way through new and existing technology as well as business strategies, so that we can further understand the consumer decision-making process which drives people’s behavior.

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SEO Services

Three words. Results, results, results. We have a proven track record of putting websites to the top of Google & other search engines.



Bring traffic to your website with a Google Ads campaign. It is fast and efficient. Just pay-per-click.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Take advantage of Social Media now, while your competitors are thinking about it, you could be reaping the rewards.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an integrated form of marketing products and services through an electronic device. The purpose here is to attract, engage and convert consumers through any online platform. Channels such as SEO, Pay-Per-Click, and Social Media may be terms that business owners are already familiar with. In any given industry, techniques to connect brands with consumers constantly change compared to the ways of just a few years ago. It is now fair to say that consumers are more educated and have plenty of options at hand, as well as having less patience trying to find what they want. For brands and business owners, you’ve got competitors to consider, different advertising channels available, and not to mention your own experience and trends which may affect the process of how you market your brand and achieve set goals.

Digital marketing is an extremely viable solution in this kaleidoscopic world. It has adapted to changing landscapes and allows marketing experts to create avenues where companies and businesses can draw from, in order to create results-based strategies to drive growth and profit from digital channels. For consumers, it’s merely a maze with different options and finding which product or service gives them the best value for money. Digital marketing is about staying competitive and bridging that gap between consumers and brands, so your business has a chance to pitch your own offer.

Smart Digital Marketing Strategy That Maximises Your Return on Investment

Customised digital marketing strategy planned for your business

Quantum’s approach works best with businesses who aim to be the best in their industry. Successful digital marketing does not happen on its own; it’s no longer about copying what your competitors do, or doing the bare minimum to keep afloat in this competitive market. Quantum’s goal with all of our clients is to provide a strategy that will enable long-term business growth and sustainability – and digital marketing is the most practical and cost-effective way to achieve this for your company or business.

During the process of developing your strategy, Quantum focuses on addressing potential weaknesses as well as playing to strengths of your business. Our dedicated team takes no shortcuts in designing a customised digital marketing strategy that’s tailored for you and your business. We work based on the brand’s needs and ideas, and then create actionable steps with a goal that is relevant and up-to-date with your market, ensuring direct impact in the form of leads and conversions.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing

We take a holistic approach to digital marketing utilising the most effective digital marketing channels to drive a strong ROI.

In order to see the results driven from digital marketing, Quantum takes into account all available channels to see which methods best suit our clients, their strategic goals and their budget. This holistic approach gives us the flexibility to develop innovative and customised solutions that focus on connecting your brand to the target demographic. As the market becomes more integrated with the sales process, brands need an effective marketing strategy that is individually tailored through targeted campaigns. Successful implementation of this will result in your products and services getting seen by the right audience at the right time, for maximum impact.

Results-Driven Digital Marketing Services

The process of optimising your website and webpages, in order to be search-engine friendly and to provide a positive user experience. Commonly referred to as SEO, this involves a combination of on-page and off-page activities to ensure positive impact. It also involves highly concentrated analysis of data, so you know the mindset of your consumers and their purchasing patterns.

Search engine optimisation is very cost effective, and if done right, drives a high ROI. Quantum recommends the implementation of this method in any marketing strategy.

On any given search engine, there are usually labelled results that come first when search queries are entered. These ‘ads’ are a result of implementing Pay-Per-Click marketing. You can choose to have your site show up for any specific services or products, which is why this method works successfully for highly-targeted campaigns.

For new brands and businesses, Pay-Per-Click is a great way to start up your digital presence, due to the ability to set up quickly and offer immediate results on search engines.

This is a free-to-use product which is a part of Google. It allows businesses to manage their online presence on Google search results and maps. Particularly effective for small businesses, as Google My Business offers a cost effective way for brands to show up when local people search online.

Acquiring and retaining consumers by being a thought leader in the respective industry. Content marketing relies on high quality (…wait for it) content and using that as a focal point to inform and educate people, thereby having a major influence in the decision making process of a consumer. Techniques such as blogs, podcasts and e-newsletters would all fall under the umbrella term of content marketing,

Marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. The principles of social media marketing are closely aligned with SEO, as it is all about discovering a brand and its content which will then influence a consumer’s decision to purchase a product or service.

What better way to stay connected with existing customers, or people who’ve indicated they want to hear from you? Email marketing is very cost effective and provides an impressive ROI which is often overlooked in favour of more inbound marketing methods. If done right, marketing through email can help you increase sales and conversions as well as leave a positive impression for your brand.

Mobile advertising is fast becoming an effective form of communication between brands and their consumers. SMS advertising relies on SMS and MMS programs to send multimedia ads (such as videos). MMS advertising can be highly effective, but brands need to determine for themselves whether this tactic can be a successful part of their marketing strategy.

The process of re-connecting with online visitors who have previously visited your website is called remarketing/retargeting. This is a way to market towards those who many not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience who have already been to your site – as they browse elsewhere on the internet.

The main purpose of display advertising is to deliver branded messages to site visitors which facilitates brand awareness and recall. This includes the use of images, audio, and video to communicate advertisements and messages alike. Quantum utilises display advertising for the brands we work with, as a way to drive relevant traffic to their sites on a consistent basis. We can also help create high quality banner ads and other multimedia designed to convert visitors to customers.

A form of internet marketing, conversion rate optimisation refers to techniques employed to increase the percentage of visitors to a website or webpage, which will convert them into customers. Using analytical tools such as heat maps and raw analytics data during this process, Quantum can improve your existing webpages including content so that it converts your visitors better than ever!

A way of automatically applying repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions, is called marketing automation. Never miss an opportunistic timeframe with Quantum’s tried-and-tested marketing automation! Our up-to-date knowledge and use of technology gives us the edge of implementing hassle-free automation to make time consuming tasks more routine.

We specialise in helping you integrate virtual agents into your online business platforms to help achieve solutions and business goals more efficiently and effectively.

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Introducing the Digital Marketing Package

Brands often employ many channels as part of their digital marketing strategy. To streamline this process in order to save time and money, Quantum offers a Digital Marketing Package, where campaigns have the flexibility to distribute money to different channels that need it most, on a month-to-month basis. These allocations are made by your Quantum digital marketing specialist, who will use logic and data to form decisions on the campaigns.

This service is a monthly retainer which allows us to allocate budgets in the area needed most, or channel(s) that drive the best results. The digital marketing package is designed to maximise your return on investment.

For instance; a client working on a combined campaign of SEO and Google Ads may wish to reduce their Google Ads budget for one month during a low seasonal period, and invest more time performing SEO activities to build website rankings ready for when consumer activity picks up again.

Why Choose Quantum?

Our focus on applying customised strategies built with individual clients in mind safeguards you from shoe-horn solutions going by the ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’ve worked with some big brands, as well as niche markets, giving us an insight on how to learn new markets efficiently so we can better connect brands with their consumers in a timely and profitable manner.

Most importantly, our team is passionate and really care about getting ‘real’ results that drive new business for our clients. We define results as something that drives a ROI (or whatever aligns with your business goals) from your campaign, and not simply a hollow promise of increased traffic or No.1 in Google for a keyword that no one will ever search on.

We’ve got the experience and resources to make your brand achieve its business goal. Whether you need new ideas, customer support, or a solution to a wicked problem – Quantum is here for your needs!

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Digital Marketing FAQs

Services such as SEO and PPC are charged on a monthly basis depending on the level of work required for your site. Costs for projects such as design work or one-off email marketing campaigns are charged separately unless included as part of your digital marketing package budget. For quotes and cost-related questions please contact us for further details.

In the first few months of a campaign we put in a lot more work to get your campaign going as results don’t happen overnight. So for ongoing services we require a commitment of 6 months to give us enough time to show you true results and what we can achieve for your business, before switching to a month-to-month system.

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