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Case Study: Dental Care Network


Dental Care Network is the consumer brand for DentalCorp, a health company that runs a network of over 180 dentists across Australia and New Zealand. After doing a website redesign and running an ad campaign, they wanted to develop their presence on social media. The brief was to grow their fanbase on Facebook and to increase their engagement.


Quantum used our unique, in-house approach of defining the brand personality that would best communicate with their customers. This is based on our research on the 10 different voices that brands use to communicate through social media and then defining the precise mix of those voices for that brand. The mix of voices is used to clarify the brand’s unique personality.

Next, we set about developing the content and editorial calendar, which outlined the exact text and images to post to Facebook, along with dates and times to post.

Finally, because we believe in educating our clients how to do social media themselves, we ran a series of workshops and analytics review sessions to teach them how to plan, run and evolve their social media.


Over the 6 months of the project, the fan base grew from 500 to 7,200, becoming one of the top 20 health brands in Australia.*

Weekly organic reach improved from around 100 to over 3000.

Weekly page stories (likes, comments & shares) grew from around 30 to over 500.

The engagement rate increased to around 0.75%, well above the average for Australian brands of 0.42%.**

Based on data from Social Bakers May 2013 Social Media Report: Facebook pages in Australia
* http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-pages/brands/australia/tag/health/
** http://www.socialbakers.com/blog/1790-may-2013-social-media-report-facebook-pages- in-australia