Case Study - UX Improvements

UX improvements are whereby we look at improving a Dental Practice website with the aim of increasing website conversions.

Problem Problem

The client is a Dental Practice and had engaged Quantum to take over their Google Ads campaign from another agency who had also built their website.

Data gave clear indications that no change to the Google Ads was required. So while the new Google Ads campaign Quantum were running was well optimised, the conversion rate was less than expected for similar campaigns in the same industry on similar budgets.

Solution Solution

Quantum focussed on the user experience once a prospective patient landed on the website, as this had not been factored into the website previously. 

Analysis of key landing pages focussed on the user navigation of a page, and a plan was formulated on how to improve the landing pages to better convert.

Steps to a  Successful CampaignResults Results

By improving key areas on each landing page, and creating user-centric pages, Quantum helped our client see a significant uplift in new patient enquiries through their website.

The following results were seen within 30 days and continued thereafter with no change to the level of online marketing:

Monthly figures

Increase in
new leads
Increase in
new patients
Increase in
28% 33% $12,000

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