Content Management System

The Importance of Using the Right CMS

What is a Content Management System?

Content Management Systems (CMS) are the main platform which enables users to create, edit, and manage all of the site content. A CMS forms a critical part in the success of every website. Imagine the process of a house being built – builders need to pour a strong foundation before they can frame the walls, put on a roof, install windows, and do all the work to make the house liveable for people. Conversely, if a house was built on quicksand, the lack of structure underneath will cause cracks, damage pipes, and incur a whole host of problems making the place unliveable.

In carrying this line of argument, a CMS is the foundation and your website is the house being built; you need a solid structure in place to gain the benefits from search engines like Google in driving traffic to your site. Without this foundation, the work you put on to your site, such as creating content and building links, will be unsustainable and not have the long-term desired impact.

The main purpose of a CMS is to provide structure to websites; such as the producing the appearance of published pages, and directing navigation paths for search users. Simply put, webmasters and site owners use CMS to manage all their web content.

There are many reasons why a CMS is so important to businesses and companies, yet the process of choosing one is often undervalued due to lack of research and knowledge. Content management systems are the perfect platform in which you can improve sales, increase user satisfaction, and facilitate conversions for your products and services.

The Impact of a Great CMS for Your Website

Choosing a CMS is an important consideration for all businesses and companies. There is a long list of benefits that can be obtained by implementing a CMS that you are most comfortable with.

Selecting the CMS for your website needs to be done with care and thorough research. There are important items you need to address when evaluating which CMS best suits your needs.

Every aspect on this list below should be taken into consideration when choosing your CMS:

  • On page features (such as meta text control)
  • Social media integration
  • Website Access Control (such as 301 redirect programming, automated broken links check)
  • Scalability and user-experience
  • SEO compliant with features built in to make the SEO process stronger and more sound

Beyond these, the greatest impact the CMS can provide is to support your business goals and strategies.

It is important to get an all-round understanding of the CMS before you choose it for your website. There are many elements and challenges to consider, and with so many options available in the market, it can be a hard task to differentiate between them all.

That’s why Quantum have done all the hard work for you in selecting the best CMS. With our years of experience and expertise behind us we’ve worked on and analysed many different CMS platforms, giving us an insight for what works best for companies and their websites. While we can work with many different platforms, there are 3 we primarily work with. While WordPress is one of the most well know platforms on the market, it's popularity has come from its many free options. However, it is simply not suitable for everyone. And that is where we come in. Based on understanding your needs, we provide recommendations on what will fit your business best.

Quick CMS/Website Builder Platform Comparison

WordPress Limecube QMS

Great for websites that have varying needs, or intending to grow and need a lot of different features.

Downsides are that it can be quite clunky for users to update themselves, and often a security risk which requires continuous updates to stay secure.

Great for websites that have simpler needs, more informational based type sites. Very easy for users to make changes to themselves, and very secure. Once a Limecube site is setup, all you need to really worry about is changing content on the site.

Downsides are that it doesn't have the same range of available plugins that WordPress does, however most small business sites don't need them either.

This platform is more for corporate or solutions that require high end security or heavy custom development. Custom development is very flexible as the platform works off standard web languages.

Downsides are that while general content editing is easy for users, anything past that requires a developer to make these for you.

1. Website Builder Platform Limecube

We recommend Limecube for small business websites that only have simple requirements. The ongoing costs are as low in cost as you'll find on the market for a high quality platform. While you can build a website completely by yourself on Limecube, for a very low cost Quantum can set everything up for you including making the design of the Themes match your business.

It's never been so easy to manage your own website, no design or coding experience required. Limecube's easy to use drag and drop website builder makes it a piece of cake for you to get a website online in no time. No technology induced tantrums. Limecube platform has been built specially for people that aren't so tech savvy, even if you have a sum total of zero website building skills. It’s not just for developers or web development agencies.

2. CMS Platform QMS

If your strategy involves digital marketing of any level for your website, it’s also important to consider an SEO-friendly CMS that will aid you with future work. A good CMS will naturally have a positive impact on any site’s SEO performance, as it directly affects the set guidelines in search engine algorithms.

That’s why our team at Quantum uses QMS and suggests all our clients to do the same. At Quantum, we know our SEO, as well as content management systems.

Here are a few benefits of choosing QMS:

  • Saves you time on controlling content
  • Ease of use with the navigation of your site
  • Doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge
  • Fast load speed of website
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Continuous updates and new features on a regular basis

Contact Quantum

For further questions on CMS capabilities and which option might be best for you and your website, contact our team at Quantum for the best advice and guidance.

Word of Caution on Mainstream CMS

There are many forms of CMS in the market – some more popular than others. In particular, open source CMS platforms have been widely used and recommend, often in forums and popular QA websites. The issue with conformity such as this is that allows users to give blind recommendations without providing real expertise, and also does not take into account the digital marketing needs of any given website.

CMSs are not created equally as they may have diverse features and were built for different purposes. In fact, features from a lot of CMSs can hinder your SEO performance due to the way the site was built.

Here are things to look out for when during the research process.

  • Security vulnerabilities in the CMS
  • Ability to create structured codes
  • Speed to load pages and site
  • Easy scalability. A free plugin from open source platforms can be great, but if you need customisations (as many sites often do), these free plugins become difficult and/or expensive to modify.

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