Case Study: Dental Website Design

Conversion Optimisation & UX Design

The way a website is designed and built is crucial to its success. Having a team who have different specialities to bring that design to life is even more important.

A $3,000 website becomes expensive when it's built 'only' to look nice, but with no thought to the patients website journey. I.e. it drives low patient numbers.
A $10,000 website is cheap when it's designed by an expert team to drive new patients.

Here's how on design alone, Quantum increased a dental practices' new patients by 255%.

  • The first step was to identify key service pages
  • The team identified strengths and weaknesses of the pages, and how these pages viewed on different devices and screen sizes.
  • Realising that key elements such as imagery, key information and contact points either did not exist or were incorrectly placed, the team redesigned the page.
  • While in this first stage of launching the changes we saw close to a 150% increase in conversions, over the following two months we analysed traffic to each page, adjustment and analysed the results.
  • The end result, an increase of 255% of patients booking appointments.

What does this mean in actual hard numbers?

Based on an average patient treatment value being $300, this is the results this dental practice achieved:

  Current Patients Uplift Monthly Increase Over 4 months
Patient Numbers 10 255% 36 142
Revenue $3,000   $13,000 $52,000

Added to the fact an average lifetime value is conservatively $1,000, the revenue these changes made was over three times higher.

What did they spend to gain these results? Only $5,400!

Quantum have an in-depth understanding of the dental industry after working closely with dentist for over 17 years, and this has been key in driving success for the dental practices we've worked with.

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