Elevating Olinqua's Online Presence: A Tailored Website Design and Build Project

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About Olinqua

Founded in 2009, Olinqua takes its name from the Latin term 'lingua franca', meaning 'common language'. Today, they're on a mission to improve global healthcare through their innovative communication technology. The team at Olinqua is dedicated to enhancing healthcare for everyone by delivering effective communication solutions that foster confidence.

Our Approach

We took a systematic and thorough approach to this project. It began with an initial consultation to understand Olinqua's needs and goals. This was followed by wireframing to map out the website's structure, then the design phase where we brought the visual elements to life. The development phase involved coding the website and integrating it with Salesforce. After rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance, we successfully launched the website.

Keyword Research

Given the absence of direct competitors, we conducted comprehensive keyword research from scratch. Our research involved understanding Olinqua's business, identifying other businesses covering aspects of their services, and determining what the market was searching for when looking for a product like Olinqua's. This led to the development of a keyword strategy focused on short and long-term sales, brand reach, and a broader long-term blog strategy.

Project Goals

Our task was to develop a modern website for Olinqua that reflected their standing as a national player in the enterprise market. The aim was to create a digital platform that not only showcased their services but also integrated seamlessly with their Salesforce system.

Website Highlights

The website primarily serves as a brochure site, providing detailed information about Olinqua's services and vision. A key feature of the site is its integration with Salesforce, enhancing the company's customer relationship management capabilities.

Project Outcome

While we don't have specific metrics to share at this time, the feedback from Olinqua's management and team was overwhelmingly positive. They were so pleased with the design that there were almost no changes requested, which speaks volumes about the success of the project.

Technical Details

The website was built on WordPress, featuring a customised design that included custom graphics. We didn't use any templates, ensuring a unique and personalised digital presence for Olinqua.

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