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Your #1 Virtual Agent Consultants

Imagine you had a virtual agent that could take care of your customer support 24/7 while reducing your staffing cost and driving conversions by growing your business at the same time. Interested? Well, that is exactly what artificial intelligence is assisting businesses all around the world to do.

At Quantum we keep up with the advancing technology around us and want to help you do the same for the benefit of your business! We believe in the power that AI technologies have in changing the world. By aiding in the implementation of chat bots, we strive to help you achieve first mover advantages and become leaders in your market rather than falling victims to technological disruption.

We specialise in helping you integrate virtual agents into your online business platforms to help achieve solutions and business goals more efficiently and effectively.

Virtual Agent Chatbot

Virtual Agents are interactive artificial intelligence chat bots that offer an easy and effective way to help provide front line customer support on your website.

Why have a virtual agent?

  • Efficient and Time Savvy - Virtual Agents are always there to help your customers when you’re not. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. These bots are awake when you're asleep. Talking to customers while your employees are on their lunch breaks. And helping engage customers over the weekend and increasing your sales and support.
  • Cost Saving - Did you know that Chatbots are predicted to save businesses more than $8 billion every year by 2022? (IBM, 2017). A major area in which chatbots can help save money include HR costs relating to customer service staffing. Just think about it - You’re bot will never pull mysterious sick leave, go on maternity leave or have a holiday. So you never have to worry about ongoing HR costs.
  • Ability to Respond Immediately - Unlike previous modes of customer service e.g. submitting an enquiry, lodging a complaint, or spending hours waiting for someone on the phone; chatbots provide your customer with immediate responses. This reduces the chances of losing a customer at the awareness and consideration stages of their buyer journey. It also helps retain return customers who have any queries they want to address. In the current day and age, customers seek fast, instant answers; and your Virtual agent can do exactly that.
  • Help make Conversions during buyer phases - From aiding customers in finding pages, providing answers and even helping in their decision making – chatbots can take care of all of this for you. By proactively engaging with customers across the whole website, chatbots can increase customer retention rates, decrease cart abandonment and aid in converting a customer.
  • Provide Customer Insights - The recorded chat logs of virtual agents can act as a key source of customer insights, providing your business with first-hand knowledge on customer queries, needs, and insights. Thus, when used efficiently, virtual chat bots can help drive continuous improvement in your business on how to better suit your customers' needs and thus increase profit in the long run.

Our Service

As leading virtual agent consultants, Quantum will help you understand, plan, develop and implement chatbots to achieve your business goals. We provide chatbot proposals and project plans by understanding your problems and identifying direct solutions. From strategic research to planning and development, our range of consulting services ensure successful outcomes for all our clients. Our consulting services include:

  • Chatbot Selection - At Quantum, we know that the first step to creating a successful chatbot is conducting relevant and extensive research on your business and your target markets. We work hard to identify and understand your goals before we draw up proposals or provide training. We help you in this initial selection process to find the right bot as choosing the wrong one can be expensive and timely.
  • Scripting/Development - The scripting/development stage of chatbots creates the right foundation for your business, to allow the chatbot to service your needs. As leading chatbot consultants we help you understand the needs of your customer and the stages of buyer journey. This sets the foundation on which your team will be trained to structure questions and answers for your online chatbot.
  • Chat Bot Setup and Training - The work and time involved in setting up a chatbot can be timely and challenging. That's why we provide first-hand training to help create your bot with custom configurations and features.
  • Testing - As chatbots will eventually become the face/representation of your business - it’s important to test them before introducing them across any platform. At Quantum we help put your virtual agent through a significant number of scenario tests before its implementation to ensure its imminent success.
  • Implementation - Choosing the platform in which your virtual agent will appear on, is an important and crucial step for its success. We provide professional insights and proposals to help you decide on a platform and ensure its smooth implementation.
  • Analytics - Quantum provides you with weekly/monthly analytics and chat log reports to help you keep up with your bots performance and constantly improve its skill set.

It’s important to keep in mind that chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence just emerging from its infancy stages. So become first movers in your industry by adopting this form of cutting-edge technology and leap ahead of your competitors!

Consultation Packages

Quantum makes it easy for your team to develop, deploy and manage a chat bot. Contact Quantum for a quote today!


Features include:

  • Complete target market research and consultation
  • Basic Bot Setup
  • Bot Training
  • Team member Training
  • Implementation and Launch
  • Customer Support

Suitable For -Companies that have internal managers to oversee ongoing training bot and support.


Features include:

  • Complete target market research and consultation
  • Setup and Custom Bot Configurations
  • Team Member Training
  • Bot Training
  • Development of the bot
  • Implementation and Launch
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Customer Support

Suitable For -Companies that have internal managers and staff to oversee bot performance and make continual changes.


Features include:

  • Complete target market research and consultation
  • Setup and Custom Bot Configurations
  • Team Member Training
  • Bot Training
  • Testing
  • Implementation and Launch
  • Weekly Analytics and Reviews
  • Customer Support

Suitable For - Companies that lack time and expertise to oversee bot performance.


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Web Design

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