Ecommerce Shopping Cart

A shopping cart keeps your business open 24/7, 365 days a year. Nowadays, consumers watch TV, check their Facebook and shop all at the same time.
Make sure your business is there to capture this new multi-tasking, multi-media consumer. A shopping cart works like a round the clock salesperson. For nothing.

Buyer beware, not all shopping carts work.

Having an ineffective shopping cart is like having a weak salesperson. Not only will you lose sales, you could make your business go backwards. Or damage your brand. Choose professionals, choose Quantum.

Our shopping carts work for your customers.

We custom build shopping carts with two things in mind.

  • One, the customer. How they shop on your site.
  • Two, the customer. How they find your site via the search engine.

Features that make our shopping carts easy to use.

Let’s be honest, there are dodgy shopping carts available on the net. Especially the free ones. They do not work well with search engines, where most of the traffic for a shopping cart comes from. So your business ultimately misses out. Not only do we specialise in reaching high search engine rankings for you, we also specialise in choosing the right e-commerce solution.

Your online success is our aim.

Fully Responsive

Our shopping carts are fully responsive all the way from the home page and product pages, through to final checkout and the customer login area. With sites already seeing 60% of traffic coming through on mobile devices, having a full responsive shopping cart is an absolute must for the success of your online store.

We make shopping more social.

We have devised a social media package just to for shopping cart promotions.

Social media such as Facebook is a effective way to poke your consumers, and get them shopping. And buying your brand. When promoted in the right way, social media heightens your sales. Your customer sees your product on their Facebook page, and is happy to share it.

Integration with Google Shopping

Integration using an API or XML feed provides you with a significant time saving in loading and changing products on Google shopping. Less time on Admin makes your sales more profitable, and allows you to focus on what you do best!

Find out more about Google Shopping here.

Our shopping carts will drive your business on line

Our shopping carts are developed in-house to ensure that users find shopping easy, engaging and they are search engine friendly.

21st Century Web Services

A new website can benefit your brand and Google ranking. Are you web 2.0 & mobile compatible?

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Web Design

All our designs are custom-built. Sure, there are cheap off the shelf web site templates you can buy from the net. They are unlikely to help drive you new business.

Every business has its own custom needs. We make sure your website helps meet those needs.


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