Ecommerce Shopping Cart Features - Quantum

Features that make our shopping carts easy to use.

Our shopping carts are secure and developed in-house to ensure that users find shopping easy, engaging and they are search engine friendly.

Features include:

Product Manager

Provides you an easy interface that allows you to grow your product range within the shopping cart without needing to modified your site*. Add new products, change pricing, deleting or modify products is easy. And you can edit each product directly from the front end of the website.

Easily scalable

If you decide in the future that you need additional features, the shopping cart can easily have additional modules added without incurring large costs.

Category Manager

Create as many categories as you like.

Specials Manager

This can be done easily when editing an individual product, or by all products through a ‘bulk specials module’. The specials manager automates your specials, so you can flag the sale dates.

Coupon Management

Send promotional coupons, special offers, one off promotions to your customers. The coupon manager lets you control how many times a coupon can be used, dates validation and more...

Product Search

Save your shoppers time, and let them search for the products.

Stock counter to manage your stock levels

Sold out products will automatically be displayed at front of the site. Manage your inventory and stock levels with an auto email advising you of stock levels.

Loyalty Reward Program

Reward your customers for being loyal. Whether it be by the number of orders they make, the number of items they purchase, or the total they've spent, the loyalty reward program makes it easy to help keep customers loyal.

Simple, fast checkout process.

Provide your shoppers with the ability to create an account that remembers their details and ordering history for next time, or to checkout without an account.

Optional Registration Process

Allows for your online shoppers to have their details remembered.
Lets you to build a database for future your eDMs. (Electronic direct marketing)

Customers Account

Customers can view their order history, keep track of their order, start a wish list for future orders.

Flexible Payment Options

Provide shoppers with payment options to make shopping easier, and increase sales.


Access your Google Analytics website statistics from your administration area.

Google Analytics Report Integration

The Shopping Cart is fully integrated with the eCommerce
section of Google Analytics, providing details such as:

  • Specific Products Purchased and their total Purchase Value
  • Total Revenue
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Order Value
  • Product Performance
  • Visits to Purchases
  • Days to Purchase
  • Revenue by Source - Find out which campaigns work best for you.
Google Shopping API and XML Feed

Integration is available with Google Shopping, giving you significant time saving in loading and changing products. Less time on Admin makes your sales more profitable, and allows you to focus on what you do best!

Search Engine Friendly

Site that are not search engine friendly, lose sales, It’s that cut-throat.
Our clients acknowledge and appreciate our understanding of SEO.

...and much much more.

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