Facebook Marketing

How can Facebook work for your business?

Facebook is the best of social media and essentially word-of-mouth on steroids. When someone likes your brand, or likes a brand experience they are happy to share this with their Facebook friends. A ‘like’ a business, is a powerful recommendation from a trusted source. IE a friend. We use Facebook to maximise your business reach, and in turn increase your sales. Let us manage a Facebook campaign for your business.

Quantum Facebook Solutions

We know how to engage customers via Facebook. We build a community around your brand and develop lasting relationships that help your business grow in sales and popularity.

People are happy to connect with brands on Facebook.

Facebook “Empowers customers to spread the word for you”.

Creating a Facebook business page

Create a business page and create a conversation. Update your customers on news, events, special offers and new products and services. The power of Facebook word-of-mouth is potent. Facebook users have an average of 400 friends. So when they post up a brand recommendation it literally snowballs.

This is how it works for a brand, Join a clothing brand’s Facebook fan group, and a notification is sent to the hundreds of people on your friends’ list. Every time mutual friends join, the message appears again and brand recognition skyrockets.


  • Build brand recognition
  • Create a need for your product/service
  • Develop online communities
  • Interact with customers and their friends
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Reputation Management
  • Market Research and consumer feedback
  • Increase brand reach
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