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A sure-fire way to achieve and maintain high rankings in Google and other search engines is via Link Building. But you need the right Link Building company!

In the current age of Google choosing the wrong link building company and going down the 'cheap path' could see your website disappear from Google altogether, settings you back years.

How link building works for you

Google “rates a web page’s importance by looking at how many outside links point to it”

Our team’s expertise can ensure an effective link building strategy to help to get to the top of the list. Our packages are very cost effective and drive results. A small investment for a top Google ranking. Stay top of mind when customers search.

What is an effective link building strategy? It is no longer linking two websites together in a reciprocal linking program. In fact, it is no longer even a case of having a site point back to you. Google's Penguin updates mean the wrong link building strategy can cause significant damage to your website.

The graphic below represents a good example of various avenues to be considered in an effective link strategy.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the method of individually selecting ‘quality’ sites.
We trawl the net and find the ‘right’ sites where your brand should be.
Obviously, we know what constitutes a ‘quality’ site, and that’s where we
put your brand. So sales pick up in no time.

Because search engines look at how many links point to your site to rank you, the more the higher up your site is. The benefits are clear.

  • Attract and engage new customers
  • Boost your Google rankings
  • Increase clicks into your site
  • Build search engine trust in your site which in turn improves ranking

Google Penalties

Once upon a time bad backlinks to a site had very little impact on a site's rankings. At most, they simply didn't pass value to the website they were pointing to. Post Google Penguin, Google started handing out penalties to websites for these links. Many sites across the web saw significant drops in website rankings as a result.

Our Link Building Approach

Analyse the current backlink profile

This is important as:

  • It forms part of cleaning up and balancing out any existing links built, and makes sure there are no issues such as over optimised exact match anchor text
  • Identifies bad backlinks that will inhibit results from the current campaign.

We also look at the main competitors backlinks. I.e. Backlink Mining.

We strongly recommend backlink Analysis and removal as being an ongoing monthly task.

Sites that may be credible today could enter into blackhatSEO at a later stage, and if their sites are hit by a Google update, that could pass along a negative value to your site.

Linking with Content

Each campaign will vary with the types of content used to build links. This is based on budget, types of content available to us to use, and the types of content that match the industry.

Here are some of the more common ones we use:

  • High-quality articles with embedded links –typically article communities (not directories, and not a site like EzineArticles) e.g. sites like HubPagesand Squidoo
  • Blogger Outreach -working with experienced, credible high-quality bloggers
  • Press Releases
  • Questions and Answer Sites, Forums
  • Videos
  • Social Media: Mainly through Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook –You may already have a social media strategy that has an element of links being built, and if you do, we can provide strategy behind that as to the links that should be built and varied.
  • Infographics
  • Directories –Although these tend to be a smaller number these days due to Google heavily targeting these.
  • User Rating/Review sites

Ongoing approach

With all of the above methods, we focus on the high-quality end of these. Google is constantly focussing on different methods used that they feel may be for SEO only, and things like articles, guest blogging and press releases don’t have the value they once did (and can hurt you) if the right kind is not utilised.

And most importantly, we are stay up-to-date with what is happening with Google, and explore ‘whispers’ in the community when it feels a current quality link building method may no longer be safe to use, and when new methods become available.

We don’t use any automated software to build links. All links are built by a human.

Toxic Link Analysis Removal

Indiscriminately removing toxic links can further hurt Google rankings
Many SEOs and website owners take a hasty approach to being penalised and remove all links by using the Google disavow tool. This can be more costly than being penalised. A site might have a high number of quality backlinks, and removing all links, removes both good and bad links. The right approach is to do a backlink analysis and remove only the toxic links. While this task requires a considerable amount of work, the ROI can be much greater.

Quantum specialise in Toxic backlink removal.

Indiscriminately removing toxic links can further hurt Google rankings

Our Approach to removing toxic links

  1. Step 1 – We collecting all available data of backlinks pointing to the website from Google Webmaster Tools and other resources.
  2. Step 2- We manually check every single backlink to make sure that they are not bad links.
  3. Step 3 – With any bad links found, we send a request to the website administrator of that website to remove the backlinks.
  4. Step 4 – Where we are unable to delete any bad links pointing to the website, we write a report for Google and disavow through the Google disavow tool.
  5. Step 5 – After completing all of the above steps, we will request Google to reconsider the website.

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We specialise in ranking recovery and fixing problems caused by your old SEOs.

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