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Meshed Group, a leader in the IT and Education space, particularly in SaaS (Software as a Service).

Project Overview

The project involved upgrading the Meshed Group website to enhance its online presence, aligning with its market-leading status. The focus was on improving visual appeal, engagement, and conversion rates.


The existing Meshed Group website was content-dense and lacked visual appeal, not reflecting the company's leadership status in the market. The site had issues with user experience, including navigation and content relevancy.


  • Enhance the website to be more user and device-friendly.
  • Improve the overall user experience, making the website intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.
  • Increase brand awareness and align the website design with Meshed Group's identity.
  • Optimise performance and loading speed.
  • Prepare the website for future expansion into new markets (New Zealand, Canada, UK) and new verticals (membership and corporate organisation training management).
  • Boost conversion rates through effective design and CTA placements.

Meshed Group Laptop View

Meshed Group Mobile View


Our strategy encompassed a holistic and collaborative approach. We initiated a detailed workshop to align our team with Meshed Group's vision and timelines. This was followed by comprehensive market research to analyse competitors and industry trends. For the user experience, we crafted meticulous wireframes, ensuring that each element of the website was user-centric and intuitive. Simultaneously, we developed image mood boards to pinpoint the right imagery that resonates with Meshed Group’s brand identity. Throughout this process, our approach remained collaborative yet guided by our expertise and data-driven insights.


The execution phase began with designing the homepage, setting the tone for the entire website. This phase was critical, as it established the overall look and feel. We presented this initial design to Meshed Group, incorporating their feedback to refine our approach. Once the homepage design met their expectations, we extended our design principles to the rest of the site. This process ensured that every page reflected the coherent, sophisticated, and user-friendly design we aimed for, embodying Meshed Group's ethos and objectives.

Client Feedback

Post-project, the feedback from Meshed Group was overwhelmingly positive. They expressed deep appreciation for our responsive and adaptive approach, highlighting how the final website effectively mirrored their organizational values and goals. The team at Meshed Group was particularly impressed with the new look and feel of the website, which not only met but exceeded their expectations. Their gratitude and the positive reaction of their team underscored the success of the project and the strength of our collaboration.

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