A website is a marketing tool, and essentially your ‘shop front’. It needs to be crafted with care and by a team who have different areas of digital expertise to bring the website to life. This is what will make your website successful. This is what will drive new business acquisition.

  • A $3,000 website becomes expensive when it's built ‘only to look nice’, but with no thought to the customers website journey. I.e. it drives low sales.
  • A $10,000 website is cheap when it's designed by an expert team to drive increased sales.

Bespoke Solutions

Quantum don’t provide out of the box solutions or a template approach. We provide customised solutions that are crafted with care, and take into consideration your company and market. As part of the project design process we focus on your customers journey once they reach your website, and what we can do to drive them towards buying from your company.

The Design Process

Once we’ve defined the website brief with you, our designers set about designing the initial drafts. These are not sent out to you until our art director is satisfied this meets your brief, and is something we’d feel proud to showcase to our other clients.

Regardless of what we think of the designs, the most important thing is that you love them too! Any changes you want are made until you are completely happy with the end product.

We’ll keep in touch with you regularly throughout the project to let you know the progress and timelines.

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