Price List

Below is information on our costs

The rate card below is for work you request outside of any ongoing fixed costs. Any urgent requests are charged at a higher rate based as outlined below.

It is important to note, Quantum's true product is time. 95% of what we do is time based with no product cost included. This means we charge for any output of time we provide to clients.

Urgent Rate (within 4 hours) + 2.5 times standard rate $425
Outside of business hours $425
Rate Card Hourly rate + GST
General Website Updates (per hour) $170
Digital Marketing (per hour) $199
Strategy work $299
Training (per hour) $170
Email Setup/Troubleshooting (per hour) $170
Less than 24hr turn around + 1.5 times standard rate $340

  1. There is a minimum of 1 hour work for each task request. Once that hour has been completed, time is billed in 30 minute increments.
  2. We also do not quote for less than 3 hours work. When we receive the work, we'll let you know if we think it will take longer than 3 hours before any work is actioned. Please see the FAQ below regarding this.

    NB: As these items contain complexities, it takes time to write notes and prepare an invoice, which is why it is billed in hourly increments.

  3. Standard Hours: Monday to Friday is 9am - 6pm
    Out of Hours: Everything outside of standard hours.

Pricing FAQs

We have a minimum charge as no matter how seemingly small or quick the work, it still uses our time and paid staff to perform the work.

And many small tasks coupled together actually take longer to organise, prioritise and manage than larger tasks.

Quoting is not always simple to calculate and takes time, and at times due to multiple unexpected complexities, where we commit to a fixed cost, we lose money as with technology some things don't go as smoothly as we expect and it takes us more time.

Also as an example, a quote could take us 30 minutes to calculate, for 1.5 hours work. That means we either charge you 2 hours for that work, or we lose 30 minutes of revenue.

Quite simply we charge for everything that requires our time. Some examples are:

  1. Website updates
  2. Email support
  3. Technical hosting support
  4. Training
  5. Troubleshooting

If you have just had a site go live with us, we do not charge for correcting something that was in project scope, but once some months pass, should support be required, this will be chargeable, as more often than not, we still need to go over old project notes, emails, specs etc to work out what happened, and all of this takes longer than doing at the time of a project.

We understand at times it is unavoidable for our clients to need urgent work done.

It is however rare for us not to be busy. As such, urgent work requires management to rearrange schedules, push other jobs, and paying staff overtime. In some cases pulling in higher paid staff or contractors to fit in all our work and meet all our deadlines and obligations.

This is quite industry standard to charge in this way.

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