The indicative retainer (monthly fee) is broken down by 2 factors:

  • Time allocation: this is associated with the time spent on working on the campaign. The size of the budget defines the time spent on the campaign (At any time if you wish to increase your budget for a month(s), we can simply do so by charging on a time-basis for the additional number of hours. The hourly rate is $140 + GST per hour.)

The breakdown

Below is a breakdown of what goes into a campaign. Not all items are included every month, as this is driven by allocating hours into the best areas to suit the budget.

  • Site Audit

Strategy and Consultation

  • Preparing Campaign Strategy Outline
  • Writing Strategy Document
  • Consulting/Review document with clients
  • Amendments
  • Writing Copywriting Brief
  • 6 month link building plan

Setup - tools etc

  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Moz
  • Majestic
  • Xeno link checker
  • SEO Reports
  • Reporting Template
  • Robots.txt file
  • Backlink profile check

On-site Content and Meta Tag Optimisation

  • Keyword Mapping
  • Meta Tags
  • Heading Structure
  • Content Optimisation
  • Footer links
  • Internal Linking
  • Image Optimisation
  • Set Google priority (where applicable)
  • Structured Data Setup (
  • Content recommendations

Technical Fixes

  • Fixing errors. 404 etc
  • Internal Linking
  • SEO URL improvements
  • 301 Redirects
  • Check head tags for any negatives on SEO

Keyword Research

Project Management

  • Reviewing Analytics
  • Periodically reviewing reports
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly meetings (calls or face-to-face)
  • Goals - Making sure we are on track
  • Adjustments to strategy
  • Tracking Recommendations

Ad Hoc Support - email/phone

  • Rankings Questions
  • Google Questions
  • Analytics & Webmaster tool support
  • Website Questions

Link Campaign

  • Backlink Campaign Order Strategy
  • Setting anchor text for backlinks each month based on current site results
  • Building Natural High Quality Links
  • Tracking link results
  • Local Citations through quality directories and other types of links

Backlink Analysis & Removal (where required)

  • Link Building Quality Assurance
  • Tracking link results
  • Checking Backlink Analysis report
  • Checking Backlink Removal report
  • Submitting a Disavow request to Google

Please note, these are the costs for backlinks analysis only, and not the removal costs. Backlink Removal costs are provided below.

Links Quantity (up to) Analysis Cost Time Frame (weeks)
200  $ 290.00 4
500  $ 700.00 5
1000  $ 750.00 6
1500  $ 1,100.00 8
3500  $ 2,500.00 12
5500  $ 3,900.00 17
10000  $ 7,000.00 26

Backlink Analysis

We manually check each of the sites to determine just how egregious the links are. There isn't a science or formula to determine how terrible a link actually is, which makes this process a little harder and a lot more tedious. Still, here are our big red flags:

  • Site should be indexed/cached recently. If the website was cached 45 days ago, the links can potentially harm the website.
  • The external links off the linking site should be less than 50.
  • There should be some DA and Page Rank of the website. If the DA or Page Rank recently decreased, then it may harm the website as well.
  • The links should not be placed in the footer of the website and also not placed on more than 1 page of the website.
  • The links should be placed on thematic and relevant websites. Other theme links can harm the website.
  • The website should have unique content.
  • We can check duplicate content by 'Copy and paste' of the first sentence into Google to see if it shows up across 100s of other sites.
  • Link should not be added under Friends, Partners, or Sponsors section. That’s a clear sign to Google that it was paid.
  • The page or website does not contains any errors.
  • The web page doesn't contain spammy or irrelevant links.

Backlink Removal

As the process of backlink removal happening too quickly has the risk of alerting Google to the website, and risking further harm, the process we go through to remove them is also very important. It's also important to try and manually remove as many links as possible, rather than simply disavowing. If Google feels not enough effort was put into the manual process, they may ignore the disavow completely, and as they provide no notification, it could be months before realising rankings were not improving.

Our process:

Make a list of all the bad backlinks and set priority which links should be removed first. We use the following criteria:

  • Website Name
  • Domain Name
  • Domain Authority
  • Anchor Text
  • Linked Page
  • Link Type
  • Ease of Removal (1-5, 5 being very easy)
  • Harm (1-5, 5 being very harmful)
  • Priority (High/Low/Medium)

The last three specify to us which links we can remove in the easiest way.

There could be a possibility that we can have hundreds of links that we need to remove.

It may be tempting to do a mass exodus of every shady link. Don’t. Google is vague to tell you what specific links they noted as unnatural, so removing hundreds of links at once could end up causing you more harm than good. It is recommended to remove the links on the quantity that can be re-produced (i.e. if you remove 100 hundred links, also build 100 new links). We can replace the links with high quality websites.

Link removal Process: If the links are paid then we can ask the Webmaster to stop the renewal of our link at their websites otherwise we have to do process manually. We have to make contact with the Webmaster of the website by either email or contact form. If the link will is not removed within 2-3 reminders then we submit these links for a disavow.

Recovery time

There is no set time frame for seeing recovery of a site that has a Google penalty. We've seen sites show signs of recovery ranging between 1- 6 months.

Please note, these are the costs for removal of the backlinks only, and not the analysis costs. Backlink Analysis costs are provided in the section above.

Links Quantity (up to) Removal Cost Time Frame (weeks)
200 $340.00 4
500 $ 680.00 5
1000 $ 780.00 6
1500 $ 930.00 8
3500 $ 1,620.00 12
5500 $ 2,120.00 17
10000 $ 3,320.00 26
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