Google My Business Set Up & Management

Google My Business is the easiest way for your customers to find you

It is a truly effective way for local businesses to be spotted by the people who use them most. Locals. And because 1 in 5 Google searches are related to location it is the simplest way to extend your business reach. It’s fast, easy and everyone uses it.

We create effective Google My Business listings for your business, so new and existing customers can find you with ease.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a platform which connects search users to your company via search results, Google Maps and Google Plus listings. Formerly known as Google Plus Places, the new Google My Business serves a similar purpose of interacting with customers, but comes with improved features for both parties involved (businesses and search users). Google My Business allows an easier and more convenient process to update business information across all of Google properties (such as Google Plus, maps and search).

Whilst this platform is intended to act as a complementary feature to existing business websites, local businesses without a website can still utilise Google My Business listings as it gives businesses a basic public identity and a presence online. Having a well-maintained Google My Business listing will have a positive impact to how successful a business ranks in Google. Some of the simple measures include having the correct business name, address and phone number (citation discovery) and an up-to-date profile providing accurate content and relevant images which are optimised for both desktop and mobile search users.

Quantum can create an effective Google My Business for businesses of all levels and sizes; ensure that you are visible for potential clients and existing customers. Google My Business listings start from $480*.

Local SEO is also a great way to drive new sales online. If achieving high conversion rates and getting more business from your desired target market sounds like your thing – find out more about our SEO services.

Benefits of Google My Business Listings

  • Seamless Updates: Business information such as location, hours and news can be updated across multiple Google properties via one platform. A verified listing on Google My Business is twice as likely to be considered reputable by search users.
  • Control and manage multiple locations of your company via Google My Business: Customers can easily locate your business with map directions, no matter how many sites you have.
  • Attract New Customers: Higher visibility through Google search results, and the inclusion of photo galleries help search users learn more about your business. Listings with a photo gallery have shown a 42% increase in requests for driving directions on Google Maps, as well as a 35% increase in click-throughs to the website than businesses that don’t.
  • Convert More Visitors Into Sales: Reach customers in the local community and interact with them! Read and respond to reviews, post photos that show what your business does – these activities give off a positive impression for potential consumers.
  • Use Insights to Understand Your Presence: You can gain valuable information by accessing the insights section of your account. Find out how many views come from each platform, and the number of clicks driven to your website. You can even see driving direction requests to your location, and the number of phone calls generated to your company.

Regardless of company size, Google My Business is a cost-effective acquisition and can help you improve your ROI. By increasing your online presence and driving more traffic to your site, it is one of the easiest ways to gain new sales and business at a local level.

How Can Quantum Help?

Our specialists understand how a business can maximise their benefits using Google My Business. We set up your Google My Business listing to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your site and convert visitors into sales.

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What is included in our Google My Business service?

  • Setup of Google My Business account and Google Plus page
  • Page Setup – Verifying page, business category, adding locations and dealing with duplicate/incorrect listings
  • Page Optimisation – Create new content and images, optimise for mobile devices, and Google Local carousel optimisation
  • Management – Identifying and connecting with other influencers, set up the ability to receive reviews from search users
  • Any major changes or overhaul to the account – Do you know what to do with your listing if your business relocates? It’s not as simple as an address change on your listing.

At your request, Quantum is able to fully manage all activities revolving around My Business Listings, and can assist with reading and responding to reviews. Handling reviews by businesses is important, as it shows search-users that businesses that reply to enquiries and reviews have a high-level of customer care and service.


Google MyBusiness is an all-encompassing platform where users can maintain their Google business properties via the one outlet.

Google Maps listings are are managed under  Google My Business.

There is a featured tool which allows users to upload ten or more locations for businesses. Users can access Google MyBusiness Locations to further edit locations where necessary.

Google reviews are extremely important for businesses, as they are the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth recommendations. There is also clear SEO benefit in search rankings when real people leave Google reviews. The actual quality and quantity of these reviews have an impact that affects rankings in Google. Responding to reviews are a matter of business reputation and branding – by responding to reviews, you are letting search users know that you are active online and take genuine care in customer service.

Each page serves a different purpose, and the main difference between the two is that a business page has a physical location. Google brand pages don’t include any forms of address or location information that would appear on Google maps. Most local businesses would opt for a Google MyBusiness page, whilst businesses that operates only online and does not serve from a set location would need to use a Brand page.

If you’ve created a new account on Google, it may up to the eight weeks before your business gets indexed on to Google Maps. Also make sure your listing has been claimed and verified, otherwise it will not show up on Map results. If after this process your business still doesn’t appear, best practice is to go through your setup and check that your listing is active, and all information provided is correct.

There are many cases of lost Google business accounts, due to them being created by former employee, or the account has existed for so long that the original credentials are lost. If someone else has already claimed your business (and you have no direct contact with that owner), you will need to request admin rights via a separate Google MyBusiness account (you can create a new one if necessary). You will be asked questions about the business for verification purposes. Google will afterwards send an email to the owner to get the transfer started. If there is no response in two weeks, you can contact the Admin Team at

Owners of the page can directly transfer ownership to managers of the page. You must make the intended owner a manager first for at least 24 hours, which then gives you the ability to transfer ownership. Simply access the settings page of your Google Plus account, and navigate through to the “Manager” tab to action this step.

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