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Give Your Business a Quantum Leap into Google+

What one social network can instantly bump up your ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)? Google+ is the one social network that impacts the Google SERPs more than any other social network. Quantum knows how to take your brand and position it properly with an overall strategy that creates a compelling Google+ campaign to increase exposure, promote your brand, and help you get more Google search engine love.

What You Can Get with a Quantum Google+ Campaign

The components of an effective strategy include the creation and management of social media resources such as a customized Google+ Places profile, content creation, and scheduled postings. While the actual creation of content may seem easy enough for you to do (and we do let you outsource only what you want), the fact is that it’s important to optimize the content to make it appealing to both your audience and the Google search engine. This will get your Google+ campaign off to a roaring start.

How a Managed Campaign Benefits Your Business

Let us help you create a Google+ campaign that brings customers to your doors and promotes your brands with high-excitement exposure. We can provide the following benefits to your company:

Higher Brand Recognition – People don’t watch as much television as they used to, making online brand placement more important. Visitors to your Google+ profile can engage your brand in ways that are interactive by commenting and liking your brand, leading to the sharing of your brand with their friends and followers. When people vouch for your brand, it raises the integrity of it which makes people more likely to trust you and buy from you in the future.

Better Ranking in the SERPs – Google knows that other search engines are hungry for market share of the search engine business. To entice marketers and business owners to use their products and services more than their competitors, they will rate those using their social network more highly than those using other social brands. This helps you rank better in Google’s SERPs which can lead to greater exposure.

Local Marketing – If you need local marketing, it can still be done online with Google Plus Places. A business profile in Google Plus Places helps people locate your business in their local area and also provides reviews and ratings that can persuade them to visit you, even while they’re out cruising the neighbourhood.

Customer Loyalty – A Google+ profile with Places can also engage your customers who can send those reviews and ratings directly to their friends and followers online. You generate word-of-mouth advertising at the same time you can inform your loyal friends and followers about your latest products and services with real-time news postings. You can even set up contest and special promotions to keep them coming back again and again.

The right strategy makes all the difference in Social Media.

Wide Outreach – Google+ offers you the platform to get your content out to a variety of people, but in an organized way. If you want to market luxury items to high-income customers only, you can use the Circles feature to target your advertising. At the same time, the content has the potential to be shared on other venues where you can get even more new customers.

Video Integration with YouTube – All sorts of media can be shared on Google+, including video. If you integrate your Google+ profile with YouTube, your business can leverage both platforms for a wider audience. You can highlight the comments on YouTube within your Google+ profile thus creating a merging of the two audiences.

Targeted, Just-in-Time InformationPeople want to know how to get to your place while they’re on the road, and Google+ can offer them links to maps and location finders. They can get your contact information off your profile and review your business virtually. If you use video, they can even go through a virtual walk-through to figure out if they like the feel of your place, which is particularly helpful for restaurants and bars.

Increased Traffic – You get more traffic simply because Google will give you a little boost in the search engine ranking when you use Google+, as much as 5 or 10 percent more click-throughs to your site. That traffic will come from different corners of the Internet because social media accounts have a wide reach.

Authentic Customer Interactions – Using your Google+ account to reach new and old customers allows them to interact with your profile in ways they might not do with your website. They will comment, share, and even endorse their favourite content with the +1 button. They can ask questions directly or give you feedback in a way that just can’t be done effectively with a website. You can even get them to be your biggest advertisers when they get excited enough to tell their friends about your business.

Reputation Management – When people are dealing with you on a social network, it provides a way for you to manage your reputation, even when things go wrong. You can find out early when there are problems with your products or delivery and you can get the word out when you are working to resolve issues that might affect your business processes. You can engage your most loyal fans to write positive reviews and promote your business, too.

Potential for Higher Conversions – Google estimates that there is a 5 to 10% uplift in the click-through-rate (CTR) for campaigns that use Google+ as a part of their social networking strategy. The higher CTR can also potentially increase conversions as you have far more traffic coming to your site. It’s critical that you know how to convert that traffic to reap the benefits.

Why Quantum

If you don’t know how to optimize your incoming traffic with split testing, conversion funnels, and targeted offers, you will need the help of marketing and content experts to take advantage of the benefits of the extra traffic you get from Google+ when you start a Google+ social networking campaign. Quantum offers you the expertise you need to succeed by offering comprehensive techniques and know-how in articles on SEO and social network marketing on our blog. Check out our blog to find out even more about how to use Google+ in your business marketing efforts.

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