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The main objective was to make it very clear who James Patrick is to his audience, and what he does, whilst showcasing his work in a clear, clean and high resolution form that can be viewed and navigated easily by anyone around the world. James really needed it to be obvious that visitors can buy his art as well as hire or commission him for their projects with easy clean navigation and visual aids.

With this James wanted a very professional approach which would be aligned with his quality of work and still has a slight artistic flair that "doesn't look like a boring government website".

The online shop is one of most important parts of the site as this provides a degree of regular income. This needed to be secure, easy to use both for the user find art work in the website, and for James to edit in the backend.

Performing well on mobiles and tablets was a must as a high percentage of his target market are using these devices over desktop devices.


This is what James had to say about the website:

"The website is perfect, it’s very clean and the colour is provided via my artwork – by using black and white as the main colours it makes it very easy for me to switch out images later and not effect the overall feel or design of the site.

Danny showed me through the CMS backend and it’s very easy to use and navigate.

I LOVE the landing page with the optimised video because I have only ever seen this done once on a website a long time ago so I believe its a great way to stand out as an artist – having a unique experience when people first visit my site : First Impressions Count.

Having the three tabs “see my art, buy my art, Hire me” is great as it’s very clear who I am and what you can do or how you can use the site. This is great and met my main objective. Overall I am very happy with it all :)"


Quantum spent a lot of time looking at James' various art work, and videos of him at work on location to get a feel for what would suit his style. We worked very closely with James throughout the process from start to finish to get the website perfect to meet James Patrick's needs.

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